"The Walking Dead" is one of the most popular shows on television. Each week the ratings prove that. The production team is doing something right! Let's take a look at some of their secrets.

Why don't they call them zombies?

The word "zombie" is never used on the show. Why? Well, Robert Kirkman made that choice. When he began writing the comic books he wanted to create a world that didn't have a clue about "Night of the Living Dead." These monsters that are the enemy are called "biters" or "walkers," but never, ever is the z-word used.

Each cast member has more than just one stunt double. They stand in for long photo shoots as well as perform stunts. Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) is no exception, however, he has a 31-year-old female stunt double. The current one isn't the first female stunt double for him, either. The last one would also play the Governor's daughter.

Even the logo is decaying

The logo that scrolls across the TV screen at the beginning of "The Walking Dead" decays a little more every season. Look back at season 1.

It was fresh and new. Each passing year it becomes a little darker and a little dirtier. It is decomposing.

Actors that play the walkers on "The Walking Dead" have to go through a training program. They have to learn how to move, turn, and respond like a walker. One of the instructions they are given is to act like they are stumbling out of a bar at 2:00 AM.

The editing team has a tedious job. They have to watch for walkers to blink and edit it out.

After all, the dead don't have to moisten their eyeballs like we do. The blinking has to be removed so they appear to have eyes that stay wide open at all times.

When "The Walking Dead" first started, the walkers eating the flesh were actually eating ham with barbecue sauce. Quickly they realized the sauce was a problem and messed up the makeup. Now, they use ham that has been in a vat of vinegar.

Still not tasty, but not totally terrible.

The biggie is that Andrew Lincoln almost didn't land the role of Rick. Thomas Jane is the one that nearly ended up in that role. Can you imagine "The Walking Dead" without Andrew Lincoln?

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