"The Walking Dead" fans were very upset when Glenn (Steven Yeun) was brutally killed by Negan in the premiere of season 7 on October 23rd. The horrible end to the loved characters of Glenn and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) caused a social media storm that included death threats to everyone some fans could think of to blame, including Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), writers, and producers.

What has Steven Yeun been up to?

We know that since Yeun has left "The Walking Dead," he signed on for a movie role. The film is named "Okja." The storyline is about a genetically altered pig that grows into a massive creature.

When the pig is removed from the young girl that grew up with him, she goes on a search for him.

Yeun has also signed on to be in a movie called "Mayhem" that is a psychological thriller directed by Joe Lynch. The employees of a corporate law office become infected with a virus that causes them to act on their most violent impulses.

Another project we know he has in his future is an animated TV show. He will be one of the voices behind the show. The premiere is coming up on December 23rd.

"You may kiss the bride!"

With so much coming in the near future for Steven Yeun, he and his bride held their wedding ceremony December 3rd in Los Angeles at the historical Paramour Estates. Among their close friends and family, many of "The Walking Dead" stars were in attendance for the romantic ceremony.

Steven and Joana Pak have been a couple for a long time, but he has kept his private life very private. We know that she is a photographer. From the social media posts, we can tell her family is very happy about the union.

A few months ago, Fox News shared a picture of Steven Yeun's Los Angeles home.

They said he had purchased it with his fiancé,' Joana Pak and paid $2.3 million in cash for it. At that time Koren news outlets were attempting to break the official story of the couple's engagement but the couple never announced their plans to wed on social media.

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