Who won “The Voice” tonight is the big question on everyone’s mind. Voting closed at noon and the winner of The Voice season 11 has been decided, but who is it? If the iTunes charts are any indication, Sundance Head should edge out Billy Gilman for the win.

Who won on iTunes?

Sundance Head’s original song that he wrote for his wife and performed on last night’s finals episode “Darlin’ Don’t Go” ranked #1 on iTunes followed by his stunning version of Etta James’ “At Last” at #2 on iTunes. His duet with Blake Shelton “Treat Her Right” also ranked at #7.

Billy Gilman scooped up the iTunes #3 and 4 slots with “Because of Me,” the original song that Adam Levine gifted to Billy and his Sinatra performance of “My Way” just behind it. Billy’s duet of “Bye Bye Love” with Adam charted at #19. Good but not as good as Sundance.

We’ and Josh chart results

Josh Gallagher’s original song “Pick Any Small Town” landed at #6 on iTunes and his cover of John Cougar’s “Jack and Diane” hit #11. Josh also scored at #29 for his duet with Adam Levine as they covered Carlos Santana’s “Smooth." Not too shabby.

We’ McDonald ranked #9 for the original song “Wishes” and her Barbra Streisand showstopper “Don’t Rain on My Parade” came in at #12 followed by her duet with Alicia Keys on “Ave Maria” at #14. Her performances were strong but iTunes is not loving them as much as the others.

Adam Levine vs Blake Shelton

This is another year of Adam vs. Blake for “The Voice” bragging rights but it looks like Blake Shelton will grab his fifth crown as winning coach when Sundance Head is proclaimed the winner tonight.

Why will Sundance win? You have to look past this week’s iTunes results. Not only did Sundance win this week on iTunes, grabbing the first and second slots, but his “Me and Jesus” from two weeks ago is still charting at #22 (it topped at #1), and so are many others of his. Currently, Sundance has 10 songs in the iTunes Top 100.

Sundance for the win

Billy Gilman also has 10 charting but none as high as Sundance.

Clearly, Josh Gallagher won’t walk away the winner although he’s got some impressive chops to make it to the finals. We’ McDonald has an amazing voice but her song choices for the finale were less than ideal for an iTunes audience.

It’ll be close, but Sundance should win (particularly given the iTunes multiplier effect). But no worries, Billy Gilman won’t be hurting for work after “The Voice” Season 11. Sundance Head, the little Texas cowboy with the big beard and killer country soul should walk away the winner of “The Voice” to give #TeamBlake another win.

The two-hour “The Voice” finale is tonight on NBC at 9 pm Eastern.

Special guests include Sting, Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande, KISS, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, and The Weeknd.

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