Since “The Voice” season 11 blinds, Billy Gilman seemed likely to win the reality competition. We’ McDonald is a great young singer, but isn’t charting in iTunes as well as Billy. Surprisingly, diminutive cowboy from Texas Sundance might be the one to steal it away from former child star Billy.

Sundance Head tops on iTunes

Not only was Sundance Head the first of the season 11 artists to break into iTunes' top 10 and earn a multiplier bonus that could help him in the finals, but he’s also the only artist this season to hit #1 on iTunes.

Sundance’s cover of Alicia Keys “No One” floored her and scored him the #9 slot on iTunes and his first multiplier. Last week, when Sundance wowed with “Me and Jesus”, he soared to #1 on iTunes. Billy Gilman’s best on iTunes is #4 with Melissa McBride’s “Anyway."

Sundance and Billy had recording contracts

Some have questioned if Billy had a leg up on the competition since he was a child star, and was a two-time Grammy nominee as a child. Gilman was the youngest singer to land a Top 40 on the country charts with “One Voice.” Billy says his voice change cost him his recording contract.

Sundance has a past as a pro, too. He was on American Idol back in 2007 but never made it past the top 16. He did land a recording contract with Universal Motown but it fell apart, and he wound up working in a machine shop for the next eight years.

Can country soul beat Billy?

Billy Gilman isn’t in the country lane anymore even though he was a child country star. He’s shown an impressive range across many genres of music, but that’s part of the problem.

Billy is a great singer but it’s hard to envision what he would do after “The Voice.”

With Sundance Head, though, you know what he’ll be doing. He’s been very consistent in his genre, singing country with a soul vibe and doing it amazingly well. If Billy can’t establish himself beyond that flawless voice, Sundance Head could walk away with the win on “The Voice” season 11.

“The Voice” Top 8 perform tonight on NBC at 8 pm Eastern.

Sundance Head’s “American Idol” performance:

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