Tonight's live "The Voice" season 11 elimination show for December 6th, started off with the celebrity coaches, saying a few things about how the current season has gone so far. After that, the remaining contestants, hit up the stage to get right down to business. Host, Carson Daly, was of course, on hand to give us the first round of results for tonight. He uttered the name: Bill Gilman from team Adam, so Bill was pronounced safe and into the finals for next week! He was lucky to be able to sit comfortably for the rest of this very intense night.

We got something from OneRepublic

Next, we saw hit band, OneRepublic, hop on stage to perform their new song, called: "Let’s Hurt Tonight.” After that, they showed a video segment of the remaining contestants, taking a trip to the Hairspray Live! set. They got to talk with former American Idol contestant and current hit recording artist, Jennifer Hudson.

After they wrapped up that segment, they got right back to the main business at hand as Carson, revealed that Sundance Head could now breathe a sigh of relief, because he just landed himself a spot in the finals too!

He's part of the team Blake crew, so Blake was obviously ecstatic.

Hannah Huston performed

Next, former The Voice contestant from last season, Hannah Huston, returned to deliver her new song, labeled: "I Alone Have Loved You." Following Hannah's performance, Carson hopped back on stage to deliver some more results. He let us all know that We McDonald from the Team Alicia Keys squad was safe, tonight, and through to next week's final round.

Then , judge Blake Shelton, immediately got on stage to sing the song: “A Guy With The Girl.”

Three would have to fight it out

After that, things got really serious as Carson revealed that both Aaron Gibson from team Miley and Brendan Fletcher of team Adam, got the permanent boot, tonight, leaving their poor souls with the realization that it's absolutely all over for them. Moving right along, that news also revealed that we would be seeing contestants: Ali Caldwell of Team Miley, Josh Gallagher from Team Adam, and Christian Cuevas of Team Alicia, singing for the special live Twitter vote "save."

The big sing-off started

Christian started the sing-off with the song: “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Next, Ali, hit the stage to sing: “Sledgehammer” for her last ditch song.

Lastly, we saw Josh sing his possible life-saving song: "I Drive Your Truck.” From there, it was up to all the tweeters to decide who would end up in next week's finals as the 4th wild card.

Josh is the one

Before the final contestant was revealed, the coaches said a few closing words about their artists. Then Carson revealed that Josh, totally slayed in the voting, so he is going to be the 4th contestant through to the finals. Next week, he'll need to bring as there will be no more Twitter saves to decide the winner of this season. And of course, I can't forget that poor Ali Caldwell and Christian Cuevas, realized they had lost to join Aaron Gibson and Brendan Fletcher, who found out they were losers earlier, tonight.

This means that Billy Gilman, Sundance Head, We McDonald and Josh Gallagher are going to battle it out, next week, to claim the title of The Voice season 11 winner. Stay tuned.

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