Voting for “The Voice” has closed as of noon today and tonight the Top 8 will be whittled to the Top 4 that will move into “The Voice” finals. How did the artists rate on “The Voice” on iTunes? Four of eight made it onto iTunes’ charts for Top 10 overnight. Here are the results and a final four prediction.

'The Voice' voting 2016

America’s votes don’t always coincide with iTunes, but it’s a good barometer for what people like and who they want to see stick around. We’ll find out who ranked at the top tonight and then there will be one last Instant Save for the last slot in the finals.

America’s votes will determine the top three that are safe. The bottom two will be eliminated automatically, and the three artists in the middle will compete for the last slot to move into the finals and be part of “The Voice” Final 4.

iTunes results for Top 8

Billy Gilman’s “I Surrender” was an over-the-top performance last night and he was rewarded with his first #1 slot on iTunes this season. That’s the second time Billy has hit the iTunes top 10 but Sundance Head charted for the third time.

Sundance came in just behind Billy with “Love Can Build a Bridge” which charted at #2.

It seems to be a race for the win between Sundance and Billy, an epic showdown of Blake Shelton vs Adam Levine in the finals, and Season 11 bragging rights.

Josh Gallagher ranked at #4 on the charts for “Danny’s Song” and Christian Cuevas landed at #8 for “To Worship You I Live." Brendan Fletcher’s “Angel” fell just outside the top of the charts at #11 and We’ McDonald was close behind with “Scars to Your Beautiful” at #12.

Team Miley’s Ali Caldwell hit #15 with “I Will Always Love You” which was a brilliant blend of Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston’s versions but it didn’t chart as well as expected. One thing is clear here. The guys have dominated and it will be a stunner if a dude doesn’t win “The Voice” Season 11.

Who’s at the bottom?

Aaron Gibson is destined for elimination as one of the bottom two but who will go out with him?

Ali Caldwell seems as likely as the other bottom two based simply on the charts. The top three should be Sundance Head, Billy Gilman, and Christian Cuevas.

We can expect Josh Gallagher and Brendan Fletcher to sing for the Instant Save tonight as “The Voice” vote goes live during the episode. Christian or We’ should be the third singing against them. It could be a group of four guys heading into the finals but everyone this season has been strong.

Also on “The Voice” tonight, Blake Shelton, Hannah Huston, and OneRepublic perform. “The Voice” airs on NBC tonight at 8 pm.

Billy Gilman “I Surrender” Top 8 performance:

Sundance Head “Love Can Build a Bridge” Top 8 performance:

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