Although "The Voice" 2016 finals proved to be a great night for all four contestants still alive in the race for the season 11 title, it was an especially terrific Dec. 12 for soul country singer Sundance Head, whose original song soared all the way to the top of the iTunes top 200 chart before the taped broadcast even concluded on the west coast.

Sundance Head owns the iTunes top 10

"Darlin' Don't Go," which Head said he'd written for his wife after the two had suffered through what he termed a "bad argument," displaced the Taylor Swift and Zayn collaboration "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" to take over the number one spot on the iTunes chart.

The live iteration of the song left Head's coach, country star Blake Shelton, marveling over how the 37-year old performer had remained undiscovered by music industry insiders.

Catch Head's live show performance here:

Head's original song wasn't his only "The Voice" finals performance that found early iTunes vote results success. Preliminary returns also saw his cover of the Etta James classic "At Last" at number three, while his duet of "Treat Her Right" with Shelton also ranked in the top 10 at number seven.

Can Sundance win 'The Voice'?

Although Head posted the best early iTunes results following the finals, he wasn't the only member of the top four to notch chart placements in the top 10. Billy Gilman (with "My Way" at number four and "Because of Me" at number five) and Josh Gallagher (with "Pick Any Small Town" at number six) also stand primed to claim iTunes vote multipliers when the week's voting window closes tomorrow morning at 9 AM Pacific/noon Eastern.

Still, Head stands an excellent chance of emerging as the season 11 winner. He owns more iTunes bonuses than any other contestant, and has twice hit number one on the iTunes chart: once during the finals, and also with "Me and Jesus" following the top 10 show.

To see if Sundance Head pulls off the victory and hands Shelton his first win since Craig Wayne Boyd took the title two years ago, watch "The Voice" 2016 finale tomorrow night on NBC.

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