"It’s always gonna be Stefan!", said Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) to Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) by the end of "The Vampire Diaries" season 2 premiere years ago. 21 episodes later, she kissed him on the lips for the first time, crying as a result of his imminent death. Mystic Falls has seen several love stories through the years, but only one lived for 8 seasons, with or without half of the couple being locked inside a coffin.

Let’s recap how Damon and Elena got through every season finale The CW brought to us until now:

‘Founder's Day’ (1x22)

After spending the entire season claiming himself as the bad brother, Damon had a minute of honesty with Elena and talked about his real feelings.

It would have been a sweet moment of bonding between the two if Katherine wasn't pretending to be her doppelgänger. Actual Elena never got to listen to his confession, but at least we could see a caring side of Damon.

‘As I Lay Dying’ (2x22)

Damon was dying due to a werewolf bite, and once Elena found out, staying by his side became her mission for this season finale. The thought of losing him was so devastating to the girl that she gave him a kiss and confessed her feelings -- no love, but a friendship, which was a huge thing if we take in consideration the infamous situation described in the first line of this article.

‘The Departed’ (3x22)

Season 3 led to the big choice that had to be made: Elena chose Stefan. Stelena wins, then? Was it the end for Damon and Elena shippers? Not so quickly. The big plot twist of the episode (apart from her death, obviously) was the reveal that Damon actually met her first, before Stefan did, and erased the moment from her memory in a scene that delivered one of the most remarkable speeches of all the seasons.

‘Graduation’ (4x23)

This was the season of the questions: Was Elena truly in love with Damon? Was it just the sire bond? Would she take the cure? Would she love him if she was still human? But the end of the season left behind every single one of them.

‘Home’ (5x22)

Elena and Damon as vampire lovers took their relationship to a whole new level, when she decided to die with him at the Mystic Grill explosion.

Also, when she completely fell apart the moment she realized he would not live again. Damon’s death was a shocking plot twist that resulted in a heartbreaking goodbye scene.

‘I'm Thinking of You All the While’ (6x22)

Another goodbye. These little lovebirds can’t be happy, can they? This time, Elena was in a coma that was supposed to last for around 60 years. Yet, the couple made promises of a future together, and their last dance became the biggest moment of the episode.

‘Gods and Monsters’ (7x22)

Gone but not forgotten. In the absence of Nina Dobrev, Elena remained an important character in season 7, never leaving Damon’s mind or heart.

Her voice in the season finale totally stole the scene.

Series finale is coming

We have to wait a bit to know what is going to happen to these characters at the end of the show. However, judging by what we have seen, it’s not hard to guess that Damon and Elena’s love story will have a proper end, as they play an essential part in the series finale.

The very last episode of "The Vampire Diaries" airs Friday, March 10, 2017.

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