Trisha Paytas vlogs for her two channels Trisha Paytas and blndsundoll4mj. With over 2,000 videos total, she accumulates both revenue and followers. People watch her for a myriad of reasons, but her attraction lies within her flamboyant persona. When her videos are uploaded, viewers feel like she is more of a friend than a celebrity. She radiates on-screen with her larger-than-life laugh, witty quips and bleach-blonde weave. Unfortunately, the men in her life are not as loyal as her devotees. Her former boyfriend, Sean van der Wilt, is an alleged cheater, and Paytas is still recovering from the news.

Her hurt and outrage took on the form of multiple recordings of Paytas on her kitchen floor either in glam or in tears. As Wilt continues his silence, Paytas continues her meltdown.

Love over loneliness

Paytas is very active on her social media accounts. Her Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat brim with casual updates in tandem with her YouTube activity. Unfortunately, since her explosive rift, Paytas seems unstable. Wilt has chosen privacy, and his absence has propelled Paytas into self-discovery on several levels. In short, she believes that she in no longer a heterosexual female but a chicken nugget lesbian. Paytas' revelations have startled fans. Did her pain cause an important breakthrough, or is she unraveling from grief?

Hopefully, she can heal from this experience without any added anguish.

A love-triangle lawsuit

According to Paytas, Wilt wants to take her to court. Her viral video about his sexuality could result in his emotional turbulence. Since she has no verbal consent from Wilt, her opinions are dangerous. Careers could flop, and loved ones could judge.

Words matter, and misfires can result in lethal consequences. Even though celebrities possess fortune and fame, being under a microscope has its drawbacks. Paytas and Wilt both deserve love and happiness no matter what happens. Bad blood may forever stain their romance, but their silver lining is at least a lesson well-learned.

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