In this article AcUS will talk a little about how Broly would be with the transformation of the Super Saiyan Rose and about a serious battle between The Legendary Super Saiyan and Son Goku. It was never thought that Broly would appear in the series until now it has been 100% confirmed that he will appear in the saga and also in a film in the year 2017.


King Vegeta in this story does not destroy the overpowering Saiyachins like Broly, but prepares them for special training to protect their planet in their future. And this would be the most ideal thing that would have happened in the original manga because the best ones should defend the family.


Another impressive change in this plot is that Goku returns to his planet and receives training with his father and can burn his mother Gine, as Goku was called on his planet is part of the elite group of stronger Saiyans.

Zamasu's power.

In this plot Zamasu appears periodically differently thanks to the evil tea possession to the more powerful saiyajin that is Broly; In this way he destroys the whole future, but this time Vegetto and Trunks of the future survive, they return to the past where they join Gogeta to give a really surprising battle to Broly Super Saiyan Pink.

In this story you can enjoy a completely different plot since we can enjoy King Vegeta in super saiyajin and also Gohan and Trunks who defend the planet Vegita.

For people who like to enjoy alternative stories and imagine differing events, this is the opportunity to recreate the scenes as the fights of ''Dragon Ball Xenoverse'' the stage has recreated in an impressive way, and for us is a work of art in plot, script and editing since for all those who enjoy these scenes to see Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue or Vegeto SSGSS 3 will be really epic and aphrodisiac.


We invite you to enjoy the complete story in the video that you can find on YouTube and we hope that you find it as entertaining as we did.

This is just a hypothesis based on comic books, but it's always fun to speculate.