With the addition of Negan (perhaps the best villain on television since J.R. Youing), “The Walking Dead” has really found new life. The actor is so talented that he is both easily hate-worthy, but also not so over the top that he can not be believed. As any of the behind the scenes footage shows, in real life, Jeffery Dean Morgan may be one of the nicest men in Hollywood. On screen, he is a vile man who enthralls us, making us want to tune in or download every week.

With that in mind, those of us who have been avid watchers have noticed a few things over the years.

There are a number of very easy to apply solutions to many of the problems that are faced in the story and within the plot lines. This is not to say that the story is badly written, on the contrary, for “The Walking Dead” has proven to be one of the most well-written television series to come around in quite some time. Still, there are a few things that would not be very hard to do, and yet it is almost never done.

The most obvious are the whole issue of slathering blood, guts, and zombie goo all over the body to prevent the walking dead from being able to detect the living.

It seems that almost everyone in the camp knows this to be true, and yet it is only Michonne who ever remembers with any frequency whatsoever to do this. Not only that, but she does not use the tactic as often as one would think considering the world that they all live in. The walking dead are as dumb as punching bags, so this should be used more. After all, the dead don’t evolve.

Walk the dead

Speaking of Michonne, she is the one who figured out how to sever the arms and jaws of the walking dead in order to ensure that they are keeping the others from knowing that she herself is not one of the dead.

It seems quite odd then that no one, ever….ever, uses this brilliant idea. They search for food, medicine, clothes, and shelter all of the time, and they just walk like targets as the dead just keep walking. We all would really like to see more of this because it is something that would be employed in real life. Suspension of disbelief only travels so far, even for the dead.

One other thing that would be wonderful to see more of on “The Walking Dead” would be someone (anyone!) remembering what a mote was.

That’s right, motes have only been around and used for such purposes throughout most of human history, so maybe it would be prudent for just one group of survivors to use the idea. This is even more compounded when it is remembered that there was a man who was already dead on the last episode who had a lake full of dead to help him, but for some reason, a little bell didn’t go off for anyone of the scavengers who saw the brilliant idea. Motes, authors, motes. Work them in, will ya’?

Also, think about the walking dead. Every scavenger and survivor spend copious amounts of precious ammunition to get a head shot.

While this does kill The Walking Dead, why does no one ever think to just street sweet or rifle shoot the legs? Sure, the zombie will still be laying there clacking his teeth in hunger, but it surely won’t be a “walking” dead any longer. Instead, the ammo is just getting used and used by those who somehow overlook the easiest of solutions.

The Evil Negan

Since we began with Negan, let us end with him. When the writers of “The Walking Dead at last kill off this swine, it is going to be beautiful. However, Negan’s stolen wives and a disrespected and burnt husband did not rush Negan when he was alone in a room with them, armed only with a bat.

They could have taken him down in a swarm….yet they did not.

With these thoughts in mind, let's all gather around the television and see what the authors did do. Sure, they tend to miss the obvious more than the Cleveland Browns miss quarterback throws, but it is still quite likely the best show on the air today. It is time for some Walking Dead!

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