“The Royals” season 3 episode 1 spoilers for tonight’s premiere titled “Together with Remembrance of Ourselves” reveal Prince Robert is alive despite the assassination attempt and there’s more fallout from the season 2 finale when we saw who killed the king – once loyal head of security, Ted. Lots of royal messes to clean up!

Damian Hurley makes his debut

Elizabeth Hurley’s 14-year-old son Damian Hurley will play an obnoxious German teen prince turned-reality star in season 3. The proud mum said in an interview that it was challenging because he had to do a German accent and be rude when he’s so nice in real life.

“The Royals” films on his summer break from school so Damian was always on set helping out, running lines with the actors, and assisting and then the show creator Mark Schwan wrote the part especially for Damian who is thrilled to finally be in front of the camera.

Liam wants to take the crown from Cyrus

Prince Liam is determined to take the crown from his awful uncle Cyrus, who is still dealing with cancer.

Cyrus is sporting a fluffy royal mohawk in an attempt to jazz up his hair loss from the chemo and radiation treatments. Cyrus won’t go quietly, but Liam is endearing himself to the people of the UK and having a damned good time doing it. With Robert alive and presumably headed back to the castle, the crown might not sit easy for too long on Cyrus’ head, anyway.

Fallout from who killed the king

We know that trusted family security chief Ted murdered the king in cold-blood and it now seems quite likely that he ordered the hit on Robert, too.

The domino threat seems to have been dealt with and the obstacles this season will be more royal in-fighting.

Queen Helena has a new chamberlain to replace jailed Lucius. His name is Spencer and he’s a hot hunk of man. Looks like Helena will be riding him hard soon but he’ll appreciate the challenges of the job. Eleanor isn’t ready to forgive Jasper, and there will be tough times ahead for the pair this season.

“The Royals” season 3 episode 1 is back tonight and legions of Loyals will be thrilled.

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