"The Royals" this week gets off to a bit of a slow start but ends in a real burn. The name of our mystery blonde is revealed to be Kathryn, though her significance still leaves us wondering. We are also introduced to little miss Sarah Alice. The young daughter of Head of Security James Hill, who rather quickly calls herself Jasper's girlfriend. And since Princess Eleanor's been playing hard to get, Jasper reminds her that they never made things exclusive. So, she decides to make him jealous. A plot for which, includes a semi-reluctant Prince Liam and scenes of outrageous flirting, jealousy and sibling bonding.

Her plan does prove effectual though as later on despite both their concerns, Eleanor and Jasper reveal their feelings for each other.

He's royally screwed

After King Cyrus reveals on national television that he has cancer, Queen Helena launches her latest scheme to prove her children's paternity. Rachel, Helena’s advisor and the usual suspect in her machinations, has nabbed a body double from a gay strip club to impersonate King Cyrus. They've also gotten Mr. Hill to play along by luring Cyrus away from the tight security of the King’s quarters. As luck would have it, Cyrus has preserved his surgically removed testicle and used it to adorn his mantle.

And for DNA purposes, a testicle will certainly do. Helena remarks, “vanity, the enemy of wisdom and common sense”, as she makes off with it in triumph.

Some royal revelations

Prince Robert still on his island, spends his days occupied with visions of a certain woman.

He's plagued too by thoughts of the media frenzy his reappearance would unleash. Hounded by reporters wondering about his survival, one question stumps him and gut wrenchingly it is delivered by his sister, Princess Eleanor. Like the rest of us, she wants to know why "he deliberately did not want to be rescued".

Even more puzzling, the mystery woman is revealed in more ways than one, bearing the same tattoo as Kathryn who has just slept with Robert's Brother, Liam.

Liam, who after talks with Eleanor, has been persuaded to finally let go of the guilt he feels about the death of Ted Pryce. And heeding his sister's advice to do what makes him happy, he has sought out Kathryn. All of which, would be fine if this wasn't the same Kathryn, his brother's been having visions of. And seemingly the main reason, Prince Robert finally decides to signal for help by lighting his flare. A photo of Kathryn and Robert together further compounds the issue as we see Kathryn and Liam post coital in bed in the background.

What developments this will bring in next week's episode remain to be seen.

Many things have changed since Robert's been thought dead. And if Helena succeeds in proving Liam and Eleanor's paternity, then he returns home to be replaced in more ways than one. Royal revelations are in store for us, Loyals. Stay tuned for "The Royals" on E! and a royal recap here shortly after.

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