Punctuating the techniques in a list is a difficult task, one for the veterans in the series, as there have been so many since the beginning that of course some specifically passed into oblivion with the evolving anime. And others of course became much more popular due to the relationships that were formed with the introduction of new characters.

Thanks to this you can say that "Dragon Ball" is a series that undoubtedly stands out among a host of others, and that this legendary anime started with a name and meaning that eventually evolved to reach new goals and new heights.


If we recorded everything from the beginning we will see as in the first chapters without the technique of the room until the master Roshi appeared with what was the greatest legend -- the famous Kame Hame Haaa!

This technique is not only a signature of "Dragon Ball," but it is also one of the most iconic techniques in the entire series, in fact, the entire series of "Dragon Ball" in a lot of ways has become synonymous with said technique -- so much so that one cannot help but think of "Dragon Ball" without also thinking of the Kame Hame Haaa!

Other techniques that are not easily forgotten

We must also consider the famous fusion between Trunks and Goten -- when the two iconic characters of the series joined.

Well, the idea is not easily forgotten and became without doubt one of the most popular images of all when that season was broadcast. And, although Goku and Vegeta used this technique, the most was the image of the small warriors merging into one to face the enemies of the saga as Super Saiyajin.

Another technique worth noting is that of Gohan, with his Masenko, that in "Dragon Ball Z" was an attack learned directly outside of his teachings with the famous Piccolo. We cannot forget the Genkidama attack, the power ball gathered with the energy of humanity, through which many of the strongest villains were defeated.


Ultimately, there have been many techniques displayed throughout the series, to the delight of fans across the world.