The "19 Kids and Counting" series gained the Duggar brood critical-acclaim. They preached about their movement, morals and faith. Extracurricular activities, chores and education were filmed as the women and men practiced modesty and abstinence. Pre-marital sex was a scandalous taboo, and even strict dress codes were a safeguard against perversion. However, in 2015, news broke about infidelity, molestation and incest inside the religious clan's home. The eldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle, Josh Duggar, inappropriately touched several of his younger sisters and a babysitter.

When the Ashley Madison hack released private information about thousands of individuals, Duggar was exposed again, but as a cheater. While the new program, "Counting On," was geared toward moving on, the skeletons in the Duggar closet are certainly still present and accounted for.

Ball and chain of beatings

Domestic violence wasn't intertwined with the vows said at the altar. According to Josh Duggar's cousin, Amy King, she was assaulted. In an Us Weekly article, she expressed, "He picked me up by my throat ...

all the way up to the ceiling. We have nothing to f--king hide." The unknown perpetrator was not revealed in King's appearance on the reality show "Marriage Boot Camp." She never claimed her husband, Dillon King, harmed her. Hopefully, her statement remains true. She tweeted on her Twitter account, "The story I was describing in the "Marriage Boot Camp" teaser does not involve Dillon."

Brighter future?

The surfaced mistakes of Josh Duggar really crushed his loved ones.

He went to an intensive rehab in order to fight his sex addiction. Months of grueling therapy and labor created hope for his wife, children, parents and siblings. Last Christmas, his wife, Anna Duggar, was distraught. Her burgeoning brood was broken, but now, her husband has transformed his lifestyle. While some people still harbor resentment for his misdeeds, family and friends reunited again for the 2016 Yuletide season.

Happy holidays, indeed!

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