Season 6 of "Teen Mom" just wrapped production with some explosive fights and threats. Another day at the office, right? With that cast enjoying a hiatus, fans can expect more catfights to appear on-screen. Another "Teen Mom 2" saga will debut on January 2, 2017, at 9/8c. Protagonists Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer are experiencing different phases of love and motherhood, but many viewers are biting their lips and chewing their nails in anticipation of Evans' new journey with former fiancé Nathan Griffith, boyfriend David Eason and sons Jace and Kaiser.

Court hearings on the rocks, please

Within the MTV community, devotees already know about the turbulent affair between Evans and Griffith. Their beginning was fueled by high hopes, but his mental and physical abuse threatened Evans' sobriety and sanity. She never deserved drunken brawls, bathroom busts and cheating dumps. And Griffith never needed a longer rap sheet, nor an extra dose of baby-momma drama. Men and women wiped their sweaty foreheads once an official breakup was announced, but collateral damage left Evans and Griffith's child, Kaiser, smack dab in the middle.

From Us Weekly, the Season 8 promo for "Teen Mom 2" showed a distressed Evans crying out, "I just try to be a good person and a good mom, that's all." Whether people love her or love to hate her, Evans has achieved accomplishments that cannot be dismissed. Her custody battle with Griffith may lead to more contention, but hopefully, the former lovebirds are on amicable terms now.

Battle between mother and daughter

Throughout Evans' career, her strained relationship with her mom, Barbara, has shattered past the cameras. Before Jace's first birthday, Evans signed parental rights over to Barbara. Since the little boy is now seven, enough time elapsed for Evans to embrace stability. She pays her bills, lives with a (seemingly) mature man and raises her babies. Her picturesque puzzle seems complete, but one piece is still missing, and his name is Jace.

This winter's festivities promote the gift of giving, and the ultimate Christmas present would be to have her baby boy home for this and every holiday.

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