As fans have watched "The Bold and the Beautiful" lately, they have noticed that Caroline Spencer hasn't been on there much. Things have really changed for her now that she knows Thomas is the father of her child and the viewers want to know what is going on. Well, it looks like Linsey Godfrey won't be around near as much, but don't worry she isn't totally gone from the show.

What is going on with Linsey Godfrey?

As of last Monday, Linsey's name doesn't appear on the cast list. That got the fans really wondering what was going on with her. She has now been moved to recurring status, which means she won't be on the show near as much.

This is going to make her story line not near as important.

The way that "The Bold and the Beautiful" does things is they always really focus on a few story lines at a time. You might not see one of your favorites for a few episodes now and then. They could later decide to bring Linsey Godfrey back full-time and focus more on her character.

She is back with Thomas and the last time that she was on the show was when they shared that they were together again. Caroline Spencer hasn't on the show at all. She wasn't around for Thanksgiving either, which isn't normal at all. Nobody really knows why they made this decision and so far Linsey isn't speaking out, but the viewers would love to hear from her if there was a reason for the change.

It will be interesting to see if they ever decide to bring back Caroline and Douglas. The viewers would love to see the cute little boy and figure out how the relationship is going to end up Thomas and Caroline. They may just make this storyline end up going away. This wouldn't be shocking at all for soap opera to decide to just ignore a story line.

Are you shocked to hear that Linsey Godfrey has been bumped to recurring status on "The Bold and the Beautiful"? Do you think that this was a good decision? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekdays on CBS.

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