Thursday on "The Bold and the Beautiful", Wyatt and Quinn continued to chat. She reassured him that if there's anything that she could do to fix his marriage to Steffy, he will. Quinn advised her son not to give up on Steffy, promising that everything will be fine. "All you need is proximity; and if Steffy becomes CEO, you'll have it," she said enthusiastically. Quinn was also hopeful that by spending some time with Steffy, maybe she will see that she has changed, and maybe even grow to like her.

Ridge tries to reason with his father

Ridge told his father that he has been groomed for the CEO position, and that he and Brooke are ready to lead the family into the future.

Ridge pointed out that Steffy is young, but it's not her time yet. He promised Eric that he won't regret it if he puts him back in charge. Eric then revealed to Ridge that he doesn't trust him. Ridge countered by telling him that Quinn is exploiting him. Eric shared his belief that Steffy can unify the family. "I offered the job to her and if she wants it, she can have it," he said. As Ridge left, Rick came through the door. Rick asked his father about what was going on. Eric told him that he offered the CEO position to Steffy.

"Why not me, dad? Rick asked him. Eric revealed that it was Quinn's idea, and that he is on board with it. Rick got upset and Eric argued that he was not going to tolerate the disrespecting of Quinn any longer.

Quinn came running to Eric's room when she heard the commotion, and told Rick to leave.

Liam is fed up

While at home, Steffy told Liam that she understands what he is saying and that his concerns are valid, and that she too, doesn't trust Quinn, but she believes that her grandfather was thinking and speaking for himself.

But Liam's alarm bells were going off. "She's trying to wrap you up in a neat little bow and hand you to her son," he said. He began to rant about how much he is sick of Quinn interfering in their lives, and then bolted to go and confront her.

When Liam arrived at the Forrester mansion to see Quinn, he found Wyatt instead.

Quinn was upstairs with Eric, and Liam demanded to see her, to tell her to stop interfering in Steffy's life. Liam was agitated, and told Wyatt that he is so fed up. Wyatt was surprised that Liam was mad about Steffy being offered the CEO position. The Spencer brothers then argued whether or not Quinn would be gaining from Steffy becoming CEO.

Wyatt informed him that his mother only cares about Eric. Liam added that she also cares about her son, "who must have everything he desires". Wyatt defended that his mother is hardly the same as she was before, but Liam insisted that he underlying motives are more 'self-serving' or 'son-serving'. Before Wyatt left, he told Liam, "Don't come here morality policing my mother, when you have zero respect for your brother's marriage," drawing reference to the fact that he and Steffy are still married.

Meanwhile, Ridge visited Steffy at Liam's home. He told her that one day, he will be behind her to support her when she is ready for the CEO position. "One day? You want me to turn down grand-dad?" she asked. Ridge then pointed out that Quinn wants something from her.

Liam finds Quinn

While in the kitchen, Quinn discovered Liam standing by, looking at her. She asked him what he wanted. He told her that her 'scheme' is not going to work, and that Steffy is not interested in any offer that comes (jointly or not) from her. Quinn questioned Liam on why he feels so insecure and threatened. She told him that he wants to keep Steffy down so that he can fool himself into believing that he deserves her, and to stop her from becoming the woman she was meant to be.

Quinn shared her belief that Steffy will be CEO, and Wyatt will be by her side. "I'm warning you, Quinn...stay away from Steffy," he said.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.

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