Wednesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful", Quinn commented to her husband and Wyatt that Steffy becoming CEO could be the turning point for the company, and gushed at the thought of her running Forrester Creations with Wyatt, as husband and wife. She hoped that Steffy would begin to see her differently. "Your mother is determined to ensure her happiness is not at the expense of yours, or your marriage," Eric told Wyatt.

Liam and Steffy argue

Liam cautioned Steffy that Quinn is trying to get her on her side, and she'll have to be, if she accepts the CEO position at Forrester.

Steffy reasoned that her grandfather believes in her, and that this is the perfect opportunity to move past everything that has happened. "You can't let that woman win one more time," Liam complained. He then tried to explain to Steffy that he is trying to protect her, and he hopes that Quinn hasn't gotten in her head. Steffy reassured him that she hasn't, leaving him to question if her grandfather was the one who got to her. Liam pointed out that her grandfather is asking her to accept Quinn, which entails "a total disregard for all the damage she's done,"

"She wants you back with Wyatt," he continued.

He argued that although they both know that it won't happen, Quinn still wouldn't accept it. Steffy retorted that she doesn't care about Quinn, but about her grandfather, and what he said to her. But Liam was still worried. Steffy was concerned that if she turns the position down, Quinn will solidify her position in the company and in her grandfather's life. Liam warned Steffy to not let Quinn draw her in.

Also, Steffy couldn't believe that Liam implied that Eric is just going along with what Quinn says. He insisted that Quinn is programming her grandfather to tell her everything she wanted him to say to her, and told her to refuse the job.

Ridge pays Eric a visit

While Eric, Quinn and Wyatt were talking at home, Ridge suddenly came through the door, asking to speak with his dad alone. When Wyatt and Quinn left the room, Ridge broke the news that he and Brooke are back together.

Eric was happy for them. Ridge said that it signals a new beginning for them and the family, and stated that he and Brooke should lead the family and the company into the future.

Meanwhile, Quinn speculated with Wyatt and relished the idea of Ridge exploding when he finds out that he has been passed over for the CEO position.

Eric informed Ridge that Quinn will be stepping aside, and that he has chosen someone -- someone who he loves very much, who has betrayed him (but he has forgiven). "I can't even tell you what that means to me," Ridge replied, obviously unaware of who Eric really meant.

"It's not you.

I've chosen Steffy to be CEO," Eric told him. He explained that Steffy has what it takes, and that he can't expect him to brush aside everything that has happened. He shared the fact that it was Quinn's suggestion for Steffy to take the helm, and that he agrees with his wife. Ridge wondered why Steffy hasn't accepted the job yet. "She knows it's my turn to run this company. She'll have her turn, but not now," Ridge claimed. Ridge seemed to be fighting a losing argument. He then asked his father to remember how much he loves and respects him, and reiterated that he did what he did for him, the family and the company.

In the final scene, Ridge asked Eric to appoint him as CEO, so that he can run the company with Brooke by his side.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.

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