Tuesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Katie visited Liam, who immediately began to warn her about Quinn. "I have to say, I have not seen Eric this happy since Stephanie died, " she told an annoyed Liam. Katie shared that she loves living in her new home, and that it feels good to have Eric living next door, except for having Quinn as part of the package. She confirmed to Liam that Eric is indeed acting as his normal self. Again, before she left, Liam told her to be careful with Quinn.

Quinn encourages Wyatt

As Wyatt begged his mother not to help with his love life or anything else, Quinn backed her suggestion for Steffy to be CEO because she is "strong", "confident" and "charming when she wants to be", and that she's no pushover.

She shrugged at the idea that there might be no harm if becoming CEO would bring her and Wyatt closer together. Quinn reminded her son about his belief in commitment, and his promise to always fight for his marriage. She then shared a life lesson: "The person who always stays committed, will win in the end."

Steffy feels honored

In response to Eric's encouragement, Steffy admitted that she has always wanted to be offered the CEO position and it was a dream come true to know that he has faith in her abilities. But Steffy was cautious, and questioned if he had any other reasons. Eric then informed her that he is not Quinn's puppet. "I've been watching you all your life...and there's a strength in you, that you're not even aware of," he told her.

He declared to her that her time is now. Steffy wondered if she would be setting herself up for failure is she said yes. Eric asked her not to do it for him, but for herself. He admired her intelligence and saavy, and even commented on her impressive internet presence. Steffy interrupted to tell that Wyatt was the one who was working on that, which prompted Eric to suggest reassigning the project to him.

Steffy noted that her father won't be happy about being passed over, but she smiled at her grandfather's encouraging words.

Before leaving, Steffy said that she'll think about the proposition. She then asked if she will be working with Quinn, and Eric confirmed that she will be, every day. Eric informed her that her language and temper will have to change before she sits in the CEO's chair.

He also revealed that she will have to learn to compromise and to show professionalism. Steffy then shared how much she loves and respects him, and then gave him a warm hug.

Later, Eric told Quinn and Wyatt that Steffy wanted time to think about his proposal. In a touching moment, Wyatt expressed his gratitude to Eric, and gave his opinion that his step-father and mom seem to be a "force of good" in all of their lives.

Steffy faces Liam

When Steffy returned home to Liam, he asked her about her grandfather, and Steffy reported that he seems like himself again. She shared with him that Quinn's presence actually didn't ruin her visit, and that she was saying all these "nice things". Steffy then told him that Quinn doesn't want to run Forrester Creations, and that she thinks someone in family can unite them together.

Liam then questioned if Ridge is forgiven and back as CEO, but Steffy responded with a "no," and that he and her grandfather have a lot of relationship repairs to do. Scratching his head, Liam asked if it was Rick. Steffy told him to guess again. Liam was apparently lost, so Steffy revealed "Me," but he couldn't believe it. With a sense of urgency, he told Steffy, "Steffy, you wouldn't fall for this...this is how she operates. If it's coming from Quinn, you have to say no."

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.

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