Monday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Quinn secretly organized to have an outdoor shower installed as a Christmas present for Eric, while Katie was torn about what she heard Quinn saying to Liam.

Ridge finds Quinn in the nude

Alone, Quinn slipped off her clothes and went under the shower. Quietly, Ridge peered through the bushes before coming out and looking directly at her while she was naked. "What are you doing, Ridge? Lurking in the bushes?" she asked. Ridge plainly stated that he came to see his dad.

She then warned him that he should be careful about visiting unannounced, since he will never know what he might walk in on. Apparently unimpressed with Quinn's nudity, he threatened that he will get her away from his father, but Quinn was unfazed. When Ridge asked, she told him that the outdoor shower is his father's Christmas present, since, he has always wanted one. "Well if you're not gonna be a gentleman and give me a towel...nighty night, Ridge," she said before going inside.

At the office, Rick noticed that Ridge seemed rather distracted.

He told him that he saw Quinn naked. Ridge further commented that there was a weird vibe between them, and implied that Quinn may have been coming on to him. "I think she was flirting with me," he said, but Rick wasn't buying it.

When Quinn found Eric in the bedroom, Eric mentioned that he said some things to Liam "that he needed to hear." "You and Wyatt are my family. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you," he told her.

They then made love. "I want our first Christmas together to be really special," she told him in bed. She expressed her fear that she would wake up one morning to discover that their relationship was just a big beautiful dream. He then reassured her that their life is real, and no one will able to take it away from them.

Katie and Brooke are gunning for Quinn

At home, Katie replayed the recording on her phone of Quinn telling Liam to enjoy his time with Steffy, because these would be his last days.

When Brooke arrived, Katie opened up to her that she's starting to dislike Eric's choices. Confused, Brooke questioned if something happened. Katie then revealed that she overheard Quinn threatening Liam. She showed Brooke the video and Brooke agreed that it was indeed a threat. However, Katie was unsure about what Quinn meant, exactly.

Brooke asked her if she is going to show Eric the video, but Katie was hesitant. In order to not be seen as the bad guy, she decided that she would hold off on showing him the video, and hold on to it in case it would be needed in the future. "Quinn's got Eric in her clutches," she said.

Brooke replied that that needs to be changed. Katie added that they need to be smart to be able to pry him away from her.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.

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