Wednesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Liam and his father continued to discuss the issue of Quinn and her chess moves within the Forrester family. Liam expressed his concern about what Quinn might do if she realizes that her efforts were for naught. "Steffy's literally in danger if she takes this job," Liam fussed. However, Bill admitted that he has a hard time imagining her turning it down. Liam argued confidently that she is done with Wyatt, but his father gave him the harsh reminder that Quinn doesn't see it that way.

Steffy becomes CEO

At Forrester during the meeting, Eric probed Steffy again about his offer. When she questioned what would happen if she doesn't accept the position, he replied that Quinn would continue to run as interim CEO. The family then protested that the idea was hatched by Quinn, with Ridge suggesting that she was trying to get Steffy and Wyatt back together. Wyatt quickly reminded Ridge that his daughter is more than capable to take the position. "Steffy, I trust you to take this company into the future...if I had any doubt about that, I would not offer it to you at all," Eric told her.

Everyone awaited her response. "Yes...yes, I accept the position," she said. She hugged him and told him how honored she felt.

Ridge and Rick's response

Steffy then faced her father to extend an apology, but Ridge told her, "Not now." While Steffy reasoned that it was better than Quinn running the company, Rick contended that Quinn would still be in charge anyway. Rick then told his father that unlike him and Ridge, Steffy knows nothing about running the company, and Wyatt, the "mama's boy" has no business making executive decisions.

Ridge added that Steffy is more than qualified to be CEO, but she's not the CEO of today, and the real reason Eric made this decision is because he wants to punish him and Rick. Eric then told them point blank that he doesn't trust either one of them. When Eric asked Steffy if there is anything she wanted to say, she told the bunch, "As CEO of this company, I insist we put all of this behind us. I can't do my job if we are constantly arguing." She told her father that she'll be leaning on him for her success, and reassured Rick that she will be fair and forthright.

Who will now be President?

Suddenly, Rick tried to make a play for the President position, but Eric intervened. According to Eric, Ridge will remain as Head Designer, and Rick will stay as Head of International, but they would both be vice-Presidents of the company. Eric then announced that his wife will be the President of Forrester creations -- and everyone was shocked! There was an immediate outcry in the room. Even Quinn was surprised and asked if he was sure about his decision, and Eric confirmed that he was.

The patriarch then reminded them that their success depends on them acting as a team.

He turned to Steffy and admitted that he is asking a lot for her to work with Quinn, but said that he knows that she can do it. He congratulated her and everyone else before adjourning the meeting.

Wyatt congratulates Steffy

Alone, Wyatt spoke to Steffy in the office. "Look, I know Ridge and Rick have been giving you some flack with this whole thing. You do deserve this position," he told her.

He also added that he feels proud of her. Meanwhile, When Steffy's tattoo removal doctor interrupted Quinn and Eric in the other room, Eric dismissed him and said that Steffy's occupied at the moment. Has Eric jumped on to the matchmaking bandwagon with Quinn?

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.

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