Thursday on "The Bold and the Beautiful", Liam and Steffy enjoyed their time at home alone together. Liam suggested planning their wedding, and Steffy coolly informed him that his dad is also planning to whisk Brooke away to get married. Steffy expressed concern that the wedding might not take place, and admitted that her father and Brooke have more chemistry than he did with her mother. She believed that her father was and always will be "the one" in Brooke's eyes, but Liam felt that his father might actually be the one who captures Brooke as his prize.

RJ is hopeful

RJ seemed hopeful about his parents' relationship, but questioned Ridge's demeanor. "You don't still think he [Bill Spencer] has a chance, do you?" he asked. Ridge confessed that while he and Brooke have had great and not so great moments, he wasn't always an angel, but RJ felt that the past was irrelevant. Ridge tried to focus on work. RJ encouraged his father not to lose faith, but Ridge was worried that his son was getting his hopes up. RJ reassured him that he would be fine either way, but that they are the ones who would be miserable without each other.

Ridge conceded that he doesn't know what Brooke will decide, and shared his hope that he hasn't lost her forever.

Bill loses the fight for Brooke

Bill reminded Brooke about the jet that was waiting to take them to St. Barts to get married. Brooke started by saying that she always admired him for his commitment and his loyalty, and that she was grateful for being such a big part of his life. Bill questioned why it sounded like she is saying goodbye.

"We have so many things to experience as a couple. We have our whole lives in front of us," he argued. He lectured to Brooke that now is the time for her to make herself a priority, and that she can't settle with pleasing others.

Bill took hold of her and stated that she knows exactly what is going to happen if she chooses Ridge. "Within 3 months, he will leave again. Because that's what he does. You don't wanna hear this, but the fact is, that is the greatest part of your history." Bill then told her that he is here for her, and that she can count on him forever.

Finally, when Brooke replied, she recalled on the importance of family. She questioned the fairness of mothering Katie's son, while she turns her back on her own. Bill was frustrated. Brooke said that she can't stop thinking about the children. "Ridge and I share a son; you and Katie share a son... so where is the decency?" Bill couldn't believe his ears. Brooke went on to tell him that she can't stop thinking about Katie and the harm she has caused her. She argued that all her life she got into trouble for following her heart. She denied that she needs to put herself first, now that she is older and wiser.

"No, Bill, I need to put the children first. I need to do what's best for them," she declared.

Bill then told her that she is blind, and that Ridge has used every trick in the book, including RJ, to manipulate her. According to him, despite his patience, they may never be together. He said that he can't do this anymore, and then left.

The reunion of Bridge

Brooke found Ridge while he was getting some fresh air outside of Forrester Creations. She walked over to him and he discovered that Bill's ring was no longer on her finger. They smiled at each other to confirm the news, and Ridge embraced her.

"I'm back, Ridge. And I'm here to stay," she told him, before they kissed.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.

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