The anime world of ''Dragon Ball'' every week is growing lines of new followers of the series of the anime, from ages 7 years to the age of 50. It is incredible all that has achieved in its history. The creator of the series Akira Toriyama made these characters in order to entertain the audience. But many of them were shocked by the incorporation of powers and abilities that make people think how fantastic it would be to be a Saiyan.

'Dragon Ball' games

In Japan, you can see different games about ''Dragon Ball,'' which worldwide creators have made - animated dolls as well as video games for the different consoles that exist around the world.

Every day they try to Incorporate and create animations in video games about events that will not appear in the series. According to the Bandai company, they create everything related to anime and cultures that express themselves, but they surpass each character with their powers and abilities that include new transformations, among which you can see fusions of Goku and Vegeta, as well as The new villains of Black and Zamasu, who have a level far superior to the Saiyajins.

Power level of Beerus and Gogeta

The level of the fighting of the god of destruction Bills-Sama is very low compared to Gogeta Ssj4, which would reach to overcome without destroying the planet Earth, The powers that are within reach of Gogeta have not been able to be calculated as they surpass the power Of the gods of destruction, and are almost limitless. However they cannot exceed the level of the supreme god since to overcome a supreme god would take far too much energy and the ability to maintain fusion, something that would put Gogeta at a disadvantage.

The only disadvantage is that in the chapters so far it appears that this will not happen and will only become an illusion. Happiness and fan contentment only comes in the videos games or newsletters that the companies of the anime release. ''The Battle of Gods'' is great.

Note: This information is not 100% confirmed is just a hypothesys based on ComicBooks.

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