Nick Viall was introduced to hopeless romantics on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette. He was known as the sensitive and sweet businessman with a heart bigger than his eyes. However, Josh Murray, a traditional hunk from Georgia, was the man of her dreams. Viall left with heartbreak, an engagement ring, and an empty promise. Fans cried with him, but his spirit wasn't shattered. He vied for Kaitlyn Bristowe's affections on The Bachelorette's next airing. Unfortunately, the finale showcased him as the runner-up for the second time. His honesty and flamboyance paled in comparison to Bristowe's present fiancé Shawn Booth.

But Viall's romantic quest never died. Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise filmed his burgeoning relationship with brunette bombshell Jennifer Saviano. Their fling lasted for the summer, and the quickie was similar to his past relations.

Fun in the sun

An article on the blogsite xoJane detailed some juicy tidbits on Viall. The writer, Kim Peiffer, was involved with the model during the summer. She relayed, "I met Nick Viall...after freshman year of college...We spent evenings going out in downtown Milwaukee...He was a true gentleman. He would pick up the phone and call to ask me on proper dates, take me to dinner, buy me roses (the irony of roses, I know). It was never anything serious, just a fun summer romance." Her exposé confirmed what most men and women believe about the boyish celebrity.

His luck with women was mercurial at best, but hopefully, fourth time's the charm.

Peiffer's final thoughts

While they parted, she never imagined Viall on the widescreen. She saw his good, bad, and ugly, but she still wished him well. She stated, "I watched him woo...and make his way to the top...I remembered all of those little details about him that (a) stole my heart, (b) that annoyed me to no end, and (c) ultimately ended in our breaking up....And, in true #Bachelorette speak, I have no regrets." Her piece was posted in August of 2016.

What does she think of his shiny, new status now?

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