In new spoilers just out, a woman that Nick Viall eliminates on "The Bachelor" 2017 won't take no for an answer when she doesn't receive a rose. In a new column released by Reality Steve on Tuesday, it was revealed in many of the dramatic moments set to air on the next season of the show that one of the contestants isn't so willing to leave.

Woman doesn't respect Nick's choice

According to Reality Steve's updated spoilers, in one of the show's 2-on-1 dates, Nick Viall doesn't offer this particular contestant a rose and she clearly feels he's making a mistake.

She later returns in the episode and allegedly "goes off" on Nick. Steve describes the incident as "pretty epic."

Other crazy antics spoiled

In some of the other spoilers released on "The Bachelor" 2017, a birthday party for Nick turns into more drama when one of the contestants goes on a boozy binge and didn't show for either the cocktail party or rose ceremony. Will this woman be eliminated or will Nick cut her some slack?

Additional spoilers reveal that there's one rose ceremony in which no one is eliminated...obviously Nick wants more time to assess his feelings for some of the women.

There's also an instance in which a large group date involves two opposing teams. The team that wins is granted more time with Nick and the other team must go back. Nick feels sorry for the women of the losing team when he sees them crying, so he asks them to stay as well. In other words, he's awarding trophies to both teams. One can imagine the winning team wasn't thrilled with that decision!

Something out of the ordinary regularly arises on each season of the show.

Nick Viall's season will be different in a lot of respects for the fact alone that there's richer diversity and one of the African-American contestants goes way further than any of the previous "Bachelor" seasons.

Episode spoilers will be coming out shortly, Steve shared. There are some final details that need to be nailed down before fans who want "The Bachelor" spoilers can get more information!

The show returns Monday, January 2 on ABC at 8 p.m, ET/PT.

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