The educational sketch comedy series “Adam Ruins Everything” will premiere a Christmas special that will take a look on what people often overlook about the December Holidays.

What is the show about?

A spin-off of a series of shorts from the College-Humor comedy website, the series often takes a look at common misconceptions people have about things in their everyday lives, ranging from the American prison system to death itself. Comedian Adam Conover, who served as the host of the original online shorts, serves as a genie-like figure in the show that appears to warp reality to bring forgotten facts to people, including his own friends and family.

The series will air a Christmas special entitled “Adam Ruins Christmas” that is set to premiere on December 20th on the truTV network.

What can we expect in the upcoming special?

In an animated bit, which in particular parodies the iconic animated "Peanuts" Christmas specials, the episode will look into how many Christmas traditions were adopted from other cultures, for example, the Yule log, which is taken from the Germanic holiday of the Yuletide. Added to that, it would appear that the episode will discuss how in past times, Christmas was often deemed a “raucous” celebration, possibly tying into how Christmas was at one time banned in the United States.

In addition to looking into the history of celebrating the holiday, the episode will also look into modern misconceptions about the holiday, such as the economics of gift-giving.

In one bit, Adam appears to a married couple to explain how the excitement of gift-giving can cause people to overpay for gifts.

Actress Rhea Butcher will guest star in the episode as recurring character, Rhea Conover, Adam’s fictitious sister. Voice actress Debi Derryberry will also have a cameo during the animated bit.

In addition to acting talent, the series will also feature figures in academia to help verify the episode’s reported facts, such as Joel Waldfogel, who serves as an economist and professor at the University of Minnesota. He will appear during the sequence explaining the economics of the holiday.

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