Octavia Blake is looking for a home to call her own. When “The 100” returns, she might just find it. From Arkers to Grounders to everyone in between, no society has quite accepted the teen as their own. Tarred with the murder of Pike and seething in the wake of Lincoln’s death, Octavia (Marie Avgeropolos) will enter season 4 with her killer instincts dialed to 11. Right now, that just might be exactly what the character needs.

‘The 100’ welcomes a new assassin

We met up with Avgeropoulos at San Diego Comic-Con last summer, and the actress had a few new details to share about the young delinquent.

“You’re going to see her take a dark, dark journey and path next season,” Avgeropoulos teased. “She’ll become an assassin with a group of people you’re very familiar with – I can’t tell you who – and she’s going to do what she does best, which is kill people.”

Although series creator Jason Rothenberg recently confirmed the actress’ statements while speaking with TVLine, but the showrunner couldn’t deliver any further details.

Will Octavia finally find a home?

Throwing in with this mystery team of assassins might finally give Octavia the sense of belonging she’s been looking for.

While her home is technically wherever Bellamy (Bob Morley) is, their fraught relationship could leave the youngest Blake to seek community amongst her new brothers in arms.

“She’s never felt safe among those people, ever. Especially between being raised under the floor and [the Arkers] floating her mother,” Avgeropoulus previewed. “Octavia’s always been an outsider. She’s never quite belonged anywhere and didn’t know where she belonged.”

Do you think Octavia will walk her “dark path” comfortably?

The Ground takes a lot out of a person, but everyone is looking for a way to hold on to their humanity. Can Octavia find one as the Grounder tribes continue to war amongst themselves?

Find out when “The 100” returns to The CW on Feb. 1. Set to pick up in the wake of “Perverse Instantiation- Part 2,” season 4 will open with “Echoes.” Click the video below to get a look at what Rothenberg has planned.

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