Teen Wolf” gives the audience a glimpse into what Stiles has endured after being caught by the Ghost Riders. Luckily for Stiles, he isn’t alone, but his best ally is Peter Hale. Back in Beacon Hills, Lydia continues to search for the missing person she can’t remember, bringing Scott and Malia along for the ride.

Stiles at the train station

I’m glad to see that my thoughts about the Ghost Riders taking their targets to a weird train station Purgatory was correct. A train station as an in-between space for those taken from their lives makes perfect sense.

More importantly, we get to see what Stiles has been going through since everyone forgot about him back in episode two. He’s been trying to escape a supernatural train station with Peter Hale, who has been missing for months and no one noticed.

The train station opens up so many questions, though! Why isn’t anyone else as aware as Stiles? He came to his senses much faster than anyone, and what’s more, he actually seems able to hold on to those senses, unlike everyone else. It even takes a few tries for Peter to realize what’s happening.

Does time stand still in the train station? The kid that Stiles meets says he’s been there for months, but he’s only been aware for months, most likely. Peter didn’t even “wake up” until Stiles. How long have the Ghost Riders been taking people in Beacon Hills?

Lydia gets a jeep

We saw the jeep at the end of last week’s episode, but it’s only now that Lydia notices it in the school parking lot - just before it’s towed.

In a great scene, she races from class to stop the car from being towed, only to have Scott join her. The two end up paying for a jeep that they don’t remember, but somehow know is important.

Of course, it doesn’t take long for Lydia to track down who owns it - Claudia Stilinski, which only leads to more complications. Every time Lydia has a breakthrough, another road block hits her path.

Lydia is still searching

The big question for me here is why Lydia in particular is the one who keeps pushing for this missing person. Her Banshee abilities have allowed her to see people trapped in the train station by the Ghost Riders, but is that the only reason she keeps looking? After all, Malia and Scott were both content to give up on the search for one person in order to save their friends in Beacon Hills instead.

Peter Hale isn’t exactly a hero

While I’m glad we got to see him again, I enjoyed that his teaming up with Stiles is clearly not any form of altruism. He isn’t out for the greater good or to save Beacon Hills.

He cares about himself and Malia. That doesn’t mean that the scene where Malia and Scott take his pain after he’s been burned by lightning (because the Ghost Riders ride the lightning, remember?) is any less heartbreaking. And the fact that Peter kept Stiles’ keys? Maybe he’s not pure evil.

We have a connection

Lydia and Scott, with the keys Peter smuggled out of the magic train station, get the jeep started while Stiles is making sure he can use a radio. What results is the three having a (very) long distance conversation where Stiles tells them they can’t come for him, but they have to find Canaan.

We can all agree that Canaan is probably what Beacon Hills will become if the Ghost Riders have their way. That list of stops on the departure board has to be Ghost Rider target cities, right?

Liam and company sit this episode out

Is it just me, or did this episode seem much smoother with the focus on Stiles and the group looking for Stiles? Maybe it’s because the story wasn’t split between stopping the Ghost Riders and remembering someone, but instead all about the disappearance of Stiles. Whatever the reason, it worked well. I’m still looking forward to seeing Liam and his friends try to catch a Ghost Rider, though.

The verdict

Easily my favorite episode so far this season, this one provided a lot of interesting things for us to ruminate over concerning the Ghost Riders.

4 out of 5 stars.

What’s next

Lydia, Scott, and Malia take a trip:

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