In the latest episode of “Teen Wolf,” Melissa McCall gets in on the supernatural fight as she and Chris Argent set out to find more information about the meanest of werewolves while Lydia tries to figure out her Stiles mystery and everyone else takes on the Ghost Riders.

Mamas McCall and Martin get in on the action

Melissa McCall has always been one of those understated badass characters. She’s usually in the background, there to give Scott an encouraging word or two, and ready to stitch up his friends if they need it.

With “Relics,” that changes. She’s taking a more active role, teaming up with Argent to track a werewolf that can bite through people’s skulls.

I’m all for Melissa becoming more active in the storylines, but it’s a shame it took until the final season of the show for it to happen and that it had to be chasing someone who can literally bite someone’s head off. Why couldn’t she be involved more with Eichen House or something last season?

Now, on the other hand, Lydia’s mother has often been seen as more of an obstacle than an ally for the group, wanting to keep the supernatural out of the high school and trying to shut down all banshee talk from Lydia.

Here, she starts helping Lydia in an effort to make sure her daughter isn’t going off the deep end while she searches for Stiles. It’s nice to see her become more involved, but again, I wish we’d seen more of her throughout the series instead of in the final hours.

Mason is something of a genius

He’s definitely had a more prominent role, beginning with “Superposition” this season, but this episode really shows that he’s something of a genius.

He’s able to find scientific evidence to help the group track the Ghost Riders -- they ride the lightning.

Teen Wolf” typically relies so much on the supernatural that it’s a welcome surprise to see someone offering up scientific explanations for different events on the show and actually use physics and meteorology to figure things out. He could give Lydia a run for her money.

Lydia searches for Stiles

Everyone else is preoccupied with saving pretty much all of the teenagers in Beacon Hills from the Ghost Riders, but Lydia is worried about one they’ve already taken. She’s intent to find out who Stiles is, even if that means asking the Stilinskis if she can search their house for a relic he left behind.

Lydia might not find the relic, though we do see that his jeep is still sitting in the school parking lot later.

What about Claudia Stilinski?

During Lydia’s search, Claudia starts to seem a little fishy. Not only does she stop Lydia during her search of the house, but her medical records show her dementia from 10 years earlier.

How is she still alive and functioning?

The big confrontation

Because Beacon Hills cannot catch a break, the Ghost Riders come back in a big way, riding the lightning of a severe storm during a lacrosse game and pretty much the entire town is caught in the crossfire. The effects team on the show did such a great job with these reaper-cowboy looks and the “smoking gun” effect as they take people.

Of course, the big question here is just how many people did Beacon Hills lose in one go? They can’t possibly lose this many people and forget them all. As Lydia reminds us throughout the episode, people leave things behind because the amount of mass is finite.

The younger generation has a plan

They want to catch a Ghost Rider? Sign me up. This seems like the best course of action so far!

The verdict

While I wish we could have seen more of Lydia’s investigation, this was still a very solid episode for the show.

4 out of 5 stars

What’s next

We get to see what’s happening to Stiles and company!

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