Fans are discussing the blowout arguments between the "Teen Mom OG" cast members Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood. Their explosive fights began on television, but the two starlets have only increased the contention through the outlet Twitter. Aside from that mess, Maci Bookout's ex-fiancé Ryan Edwards talked with Dr. Drew about the controversy surrounding he and his parents. The emotional spell forced Edwards into a pool of his own tears. Fortunately, the family is no longer in opposition, and life seems great for the young father and his new girlfriend Mackenzie Standifer.

Another heart-rendering breakdown

As Abraham and Portwood flung insults at each other, men and women diverted their attention to a separate scene revolving around Edwards and Standifer. The host conversed with the couple about the major rift between Bookout's former beau and his parents. Standifer assuaged the issue with her informative words. According to News Everyday, she states, "One day, he just woke up and was like, 'I need to apologize to my dad.'" The audience sighed with relief, and the consensus of most people suggests they're happy that the prodigal son finally returned home.

Dr. Drew focused on Edwards as the doctor asked the question, "In your head, did you think to yourself, 'I've just got to be a bigger person here?'" Whatever the past problem, it did create thick tension between the Edwards family. Thankfully, the trio seem on better terms.

Drug abuse allegations

On a few "Teen Mom OG" episodes, viewers noticed Edwards' suspicious demeanor. Cameras captured the celebrity repeating questions and fighting sleep, and these two symptoms are common for addicts using depressants.

A Blasting News article under the title "Is Ryan Edwards headed to rehab after 'Teen Mom OG' drug use allegations?" toys with the plausible possibility of Edwards' secret struggle. The writer relays, "It has been noted that Edwards' appearance has suggested he may be on drugs...his eyes bugged out...his pupils were dilated...he seemed to be getting lost and confused during his conversation with producers." Since no statement affirms these rumors, an explanation could stem from sleep deprivation or anxiety.

Regardless of the situation, Edwards may need some professional help.

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