Farrah Abraham and beau Simon Saran are known for their many appearances on the television series "Teen Mom OG." Their mercurial love affair revolved around big fights with little reprieve. Their fans may have defended the celebrities' choices, but hate outweighed the love. Unfortunately, this relationship could end in disaster. Renowned therapist Dr. Jenn counseled the couple during a Season 6 episode, and the results showed Abraham in tears while Saran fought lethargy. The lovebirds reunited for the upcoming reunion, and expert Dr.

Drew might have led Abraham into more crying spells as Saran dozed on-screen. Watch tonight for more drama!

Cooking live sea creatures?

Saran visited a quaint restaurant (Manna Korean Restaurant) for a quiet meal. He videotaped some red meat being grilled, but his followers jumped at the image. Along with other animals, an octopus was featured in the reel. The intense heat sizzled the maritime cephalopod, and it twitched from the steam. Like his admirers, Saran was impressed by the reaction. He posted his tape on Instagram with the caption, "#hungry." Most people thought the octopus was still alive, but Americans are no strangers to that issue.

For example, living lobsters are plunged into boiling hot water. However, octopus are treated with more respect. One commenter wrote, "They do this when they cook, it's not alive!"

Brewing lively conflict

Eateries are a hot spot for date destinations, drunk Saturday nights, and pre-movie prep. Abraham and Saran should take advantage of this luxury, and binge on some burgers during the airing of "Teen Mom OG." The battles between the cast have caused major stress, but the MTV crew captured those raw moments for men and women to enjoy.

As Abraham and her man dealt with their own issues, the young mother vilified stars Amber Portwood and her husband Matt Baier. The quartet have engaged in petty arguments and thrown disgusting allegations. The perpetual contention never dies, and even more excitement will debut in early January 2017 with another season of "Teen Mom 2."

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