The "Teen Mom OG" reunion show was explosive! Farrah Abraham and more off than on boyfriend Simon Saran caused controversy as they always do. This time it was Amber Portwood's fiance' Matt Baier at the brunt of her slander.

The reunion taping was a disaster

At the reunion show Dr. Drew asked Simon Saran about some of his posts on social media. Before he could answer regarding a comment about Matt Baier, Farrah remarked that Matt looked like a pedophile. The gloves were off and the battle began. There was a physical altercation between Farrah and her father against Amber and Matt.

In the end, Amber and Matt were escorted out of the taping. The anger between Farrah and Amber was then unleashed on social media.

This public battle has been going on now for the two weeks since the airing of the reunion show. Nothing has been settled and the resentment just keeps getting worse. It is no secret that Farrah is the odd one out among the girls on the show. She has been abrasive with each of them and alienated them all over the years.

Amber calls it quits

Amber has simply had enough.

She posted on social media alongside an Instagram photo promoting the show that she is leaving. Amber feels the level of respect (or lack thereof) is unacceptable and simply is walking away. Of course, Farrah didn't miss this chance to slam her once again as she referred to Amber and Matt as the "criminal couple."

MTV had recently announced that "Teen Mom OG" will be returning for another season. Considering the division in the group with Farrah Abraham being on the outside, there has been chatter about whether or not she would return.

Now that Amber has resigned her position we can squash those rumors. If Farrah weren't returning we would have Amber solidly in place for the next season.

With Amber Portwood leaving the show we will be saying goodbye to all of the cast members that are part of her story. Matt Baier, her baby daddy Gary Shirley, and his new wife Kristina Anderson. Do you think that Amber will check in on the show as a guest from time to time?

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