The "Teen Mom OG" Finale Special featured young mothers Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood, and Catelynn Lowell with their significant others and family members. As internist Drew Pinsky conversed with the celebrities, while drama erupted on-screen. Abraham, Portwood, and their loved ones engaged in what made bar brawls seem tame. Screaming, cursing, and violent threats exploded during the taping, but some scenes were cut from the broadcast. According to one woman, Abraham's father, Michael, fought with more than his words.

Cat fights between the cast

The reunion left fans in disbelief, but the petty arguments continued after the curtain call. Both Abraham and Portwood utilized Twitter to share some sordid details with their followers. Abraham voiced her opinion about the infamous night with a hurtful message to Portwood and her beau Matt Baier. She wrote, "Byeeee Criminal couple learn how to act in public .... horrible example #failedatlife." Her enemies Portwood and Baier have histories with substance dependency and child abandonment.

However, the rehabilitated couple tirelessly worked to better their lifestyle, yet Abraham still dissed their improvements. Her friend Jenna Shea defended Abraham through her account, and she informed supporters of a heroin relapse. She stated, "Hey @AmberLPortwood when you called into @F1abraham show with me on you were slurring b**** you are still on that H stop playing."

Show's manipulated scenes

Portwood defended herself against Abraham and co.

with some allegations of her own. She ranted against MTV and Abraham's dad for unfair treatment. She exclaimed, "@MTV they cut half of what happened out!! It doesn't show Michael in my face calling me a b**** which is why Matt came out and then he put his hands on Matt first." Viewers witnessed the uncontrollable storm on television, but this claim was shocking. Altercations between the "Teen Mom OG" women were common, but that reported, physical clash was a bombshell.

Hopefully, these young mothers can push past their resentments in favor of peaceful apologies.

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