The "Teen Mom OG" reunion got crazy. Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham engaged in a physical altercation that left fans completely speechless as the the girls and members of their family tried to duke it out on the MTV stage in front of cameras and audience members. The entire night was basically one big feud as the girls decided to take jabs at one another while on the stage talking with Dr. Drew Pinsky, but Farrah and Amber's fight was the main event.

Major drama at 'Teen Mom OG' reunion

According to Radar Online, the drama started when Amber Portwood was updating fans on her life.

She immediately began to bash Farrah Abraham's recent comments about being the reason why the show is still on the air. Amber took major offense to Farrah's words, but also called out her on again, off again boyfriend, Simon Saran. Farrah's "friend" Simon had taken to his Snapchat multiple times to trash members of the "Teen Mom OG" cast, and Amber wasn't having it anymore. Portwood even claimed that MTV and Dr. Drew let Abraham get away with way too much, and revealed that she needed to be called on her B.S.

Farrah and Amber face off

Later, when it was Farrah Abraham's turn to speak in depth with Dr. Drew, she mentioned that she believed Amber's boyfriend, Matt Baier, looked like a pedophile. This set Portwood off. Amber rushed on the stage to defend her man, and tried her best to get her hands on Farrah. While many, many people stepped in to try and keep the two women away from one another, Amber did manage to swing her arm and hit Farrah in the face, although it wasn't hard.

Meanwhile, Amber's boyfriend, Matt Baier and Farrah's father, Michael Abraham also came rushing out onto the set and started to fight with each other. Matt sent Michael flying across the stage and knocked him to the ground before security broke the whole thing up and got things under control. All the while, Simon just watched the "Teen Mom" drama with a grin on his face like he was watching a heavyweight boxing match.

Maci, Catelynn, and Amber are tired of Farrah's behavior

After the violence, Catelynn Lowell yelled that Farrah Abraham was a "trashy b***h" and later when Maci, Catelynn, and Amber took the stage for what was supposed to be the last segment, Maci Bookout decided to speak out against Farrah as well. Maci revealed that she was tired of Farrah's diva like behavior, and was no longer going to be on "Farrah's time," stating that if Abraham wasn't there then the rest of the cast didn't need to be either. The three girls thanked the fans and walked off the stage together. The word drama doesn't even begin to describe the interactions between Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell, and Maci Bookout, and fans can't wait until the next season of "Teen Mom OG" to see more of it.

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