The "Teen Mom" drama battles continue on! Amber Portwood has announced that she has decided to quit MTV's hit reality series "Teen Mom OG" after eight years, claiming she has had enough. Portwood first revealed her intentions to leave the show on social media, following the December 5th drama surrounding the reunion show.

Right or wrong, Amber or Farrah?

Portwood took to Instagram, sharing a photo of the show's cast and captioning it with her shocking announcement, telling fans, "I'll be leaving "Teen Mom OG" sadly.

The lack of respect is too much. But, still sending all my love."

Amber, 25, also took to Twitter to offer up her explanation of her decision, posting that she is fed up with the drama and lies. She goes on to say that the last straw came with the reunion show. "The day I'm shown some respect by the people I have worked with for eight years is the day I will be back. I have sacrificed a lot for this show," adding that the way she is treated is "unfair."

Fans remember well the "Teen Mom" throwdown that occurred during the explosive reunion show between Amber and Farrah Abraham, where Amber was set off by comments Farrah made about her fiance Matt Baier "looking like a pedophile."

This did not sit well with Portwood, who then lunged at Farrah, attempting to slap her.

Chaos immediately broke out in which Abraham's dad Michael also felt the need to become involved and came at her screaming in rage, calling her a "b****! This is where Baier jumped in and knocked Michael to the ground, who then attempted to choke Matt.

'Teen Mom' or 'Jerry Springer'?

Of course, fans of the show know that there is no love what so ever lost between Amber and Farrah. Since Amber's announcement to leave, Farrah has also chimed in with her two cents, saying that she believes Amber is lying, and she is not going to leave the show.

"Amber would never quit or any of the other girls," Farrah told Radar. "They all need the money, especially their boyfriends." Notice how Farrah uses the word "they," seemingly excluding herself from the group. Abraham's digs at her castmates continue coming.

Abraham, however, also seems to thrive on drama, whether it is drama from the show, or drama from anywhere about anything. Abraham has made news headlines several times this past year for her parenting choices concerning her daughter Sophia, on subjects such as the use of social media, wearing skimpy clothes, and the use of full makeup, to the latest allowing Sophia to drink diet tea.

Do you believe Amber Portwood will really leave "Teen Mom," or will everyone kiss, make up, and continue on?

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