"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans was a critical player to the program's success. Her rocky relationships, multiple arrests, and dangerous addictions cultivated her fan base. Season 6 of "Teen Mom 2" displayed Evans and her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, at St. Thomas. Griffith proposed on bended knee after dinner and Evans accepted. The couple seemed happy, but behind the scenes, they were in arms. Even though she gave birth to their son, Kaiser, the cheating scandals and arguments only increased. When Evans left Griffith, the nasty rift exploded on-screen.

Fans saw the dysfunction, and many people wondered about Kaiser's well-being. A recent report uncovered some insight, and regardless of their chaos, the parents always kept Kaiser in mind.

Tell-all texts

Starcasm relayed some interesting information about the contention between Evans and Griffith. Apparently, Evans' friend dished the dirt. On Thursday, November 3, Griffith texted, "Dude to be completely honest it might be best if you keep him. I'm so unstable and I'm actually crying writing this.

I know you don't care but this weekend is a bad weekend. I'm sorry." He sent his confession to Evans' current boyfriend David Eason. Their chat looked amicable, and Griffith sounded sincere. He just wanted the absolute best for Kaiser. On Saturday, November 5, Griffith wrote, "Does Kaiser need me? Are you good? Treat him like your own ok. I think I'm moving to England." On "Teen Mom 2," Griffith was portrayed as a drunk.

Maybe he was a little tipsy that night, or maybe he aspired to leave the United States. Hopefully, his decision revolved around Kaiser's benefit.


The docuseries "Intervention" filmed active alcoholics and addicts. In the end, the subjects participated in a staged intervention. They either accepted treatment, or they sustained habits. According to a source, Griffith's friend, Josh, was supposed to help.

The Starcasm article expressed, "You might recall that Jenelle's friend claims that Nathan's friend Josh went out drinking with him -- this after Josh was allegedly supposed to stage an intervention." Evans flaunted her sobriety, while Griffith continued drinking. As she stabilized her lifestyle, his rap sheet grew. The parents took different paths, but their priority has always been Kaiser's health and happiness.

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