It's no secret Jenelle Evans has struggled with relationships of any kind. Whether cameras captured her in a drug-induced stupor or in another fight with a man, drama never escapes her life. Fans remembered the days when Evans spiraled downwards into the rabbit hole. Her toxic affairs with various seedy boyfriends hurt not just viewers, but her loved ones. The aftermath led Evans' mother, Barbara, to seek sole physical custody of Evans' firstborn, Jace. When she lost her parental rights, her drive took a blow.

Periods of homelessness, heroin addiction and abortions created a whirlwind of pain for Evans. Fortunately, she overcame her hardships, and grew into the young woman people admire today. But her past maintained a strong grip on Evans' present, and disappointment continued to resurface.

Troubled baby-daddy in jail

Evans is expecting a girl, Ensley Jolie, with her beau David Eason. The burgeoning brood of six will face 2017 with hope and joy at the forefront. An engagement and wedding may appear next year, and the birth of their daughter would only escalate the celebrations.

Unfortunately, 2016 can't end on a positive note for this family. Evans' former fiancé, Nathan Griffith, was arrested for another domestic-violence charge. According to Radar Online, he is behind bars again. The outlet states, "Jessica Henry accused him of domestic violence...he allegedly choked Henry during a domestic dispute. This isn't the first time Griffith reportedly assaulted Henry." A flashback of a "Teen Mom 2" episode with an impaired Griffith screaming inside a cop car (and Evans beside it) is a chilling mirror to his recent detainment.

Hopefully he seeks some help as his ex-fiancée receives treatment.

Moving on

Evans expresses her concern through her Twitter account. The news about Griffith concerns her because their son, Kaiser, should not witness or experience violence from his father. She wrote: "Exactly why I said I need to keep Kaiser safe." Her statement is in response to a broadcasted warrant for Griffith. No need to worry, though!

Police did find him, and he resides within the Horry County Police Department's jail. The holidays are near, and while this news is sobering, Evans should smother her sons with even more adoration. Kaiser's biological father may miss Christmas, but the toddler is truly blessed with so much love already.

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