Millions of people celebrate Christmas on December 25th. The holiday signifies the birth of Jesus, and people commence the festivities through church attendance and parties. Unfortunately, not everybody can boast of a Merry Christmas. While the "Teen Mom 2" cast prepare for Season 8, they spend time with family and friends. News about an untimely death spread across social media. Valerie Fairman, a cast member from Season 2 of "16 and Pregnant," was found dead. Support from her former co-stars continues to pour in on Twitter as fans mourn the loss.

On December 21, 2016, paramedics found Fairman unresponsive at the tender age of twenty-three. Her former boyfriend, David Pryce, spoke to an Us Weekly representative about his former girlfriend. He said, "All I have to say about Valerie is people don't know how she really was. She was very loving....She was a very, very good woman. She would just talk. She was very, very intelligent, which surprised me that she would end up like that." Her toxicology report has not been released, but a drug overdose is a possible cause of death.

Lethal relapse

Fairman's colleagues are devastated in the wake and the aftermath. As they hug their children tight, they send well wishes to the Pennsylvanian mother. Jenelle Evans, her co-star, relayed her emotions. She tweeted, "Oh my god. I just spoke to her a couple months ago and told her I'm proud of her and looks like she's doing good. This really upsets me. ... I told her to stay on track." As a former heroin addict, viewers have witnessed Evans hitting rock bottom on the widescreen.

She knows the suffering that accompanies addiction, and to hear of her friend's passing is surely not just a tragic event, but also something that hits painfully close to home. Hopefully, Fairman's death can inspire struggling alcoholics and addicts to seek counseling as a result of this news. Amazing programs are available, and it just takes one phone call to make a change in your life that may truly be life changing.

Everybody deserves a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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