Tarek and Christina El Moussa announced their separation last week. The news came after an argument the couple had that was leaked to the media. It wasn't just a typical spat between a married couple, though. Tarek was absolutely irate and Christina called the police to go after him when he left the couple's home and headed into the woods with a loaded weapon.

They are separated, not divorced

Right now, the couple is just separated. They have not gotten legally divorced, yet they are reportedly seeing other people. According to TMZ, Christina El Moussa is involved with Gary Anderson. He is the family contractor and ironically happened to witness the incident back in May which caused the separation between Christina and her husband.

Their relationship allegedly didn't begin until there was a formal separation, but some fans aren't buying that.

Tarek El Moussa has moved on as well. It is being reported that he hooked up with the nanny the couple had for their two children. While the hook-up only lasted a month, he ended up letting the nanny go. He had his fling with the nanny and it happened throughout October but it was short-lived and Tarek is no longer seeing anyone at the moment. Fans have voiced their disgust over the situation and the person he chose to run around with. Despite his choices, Tarek's fling with the nanny is over and was never anything that would be long-term like Christina is pursuing with Gary Anderson.

The show will go on for 'Flip or Flop'

hgtv has decided to stand behind the couple and continue to air "Flip or Flop" on their network. In fact, the show is currently in production and it will be finished out. Talk of another season has also come up, and if the viewers tune in and the numbers are there, it will be renewed.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa are committed to making their business relationship the best it can be. They are no longer in love with one another but they both love what they do, so despite their marriage crumbling, their business partnership remains strong.

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