One of the most anticipated television events of 2017 will be season 2 of “The Expanse,” based on a series of novels set 200 years in the future in which humanity has settled Mars, the asteroid belt, and some of the moons of the outer planets. The show, rightly called “Game of Thrones” in Space, centers around the crew of a freighter that is caught up in a solar system wide struggle for power between Earth and Mars with the inhabitants of the asteroids, restive to free themselves from domination by the great powers, caught in the middle.

Season 2 unfolded the mysterious disappearance and death of an heiress and the revelation that someone is testing a super weapon based on an ancient, alien artifact.

The series begins with a two-part episode on February 1, 2017.

“The Expanse” has become a hit TV series during a time when the world community is contemplating a push to explore and perhaps settle deep space in a big way. NASA has been embarked on the Journey to Mars since 2010 when President Obama announced it, but may be changing its course to the moon under the coming Trump administration.

The European Union, Russia, and China among other countries are also interested in the moon. A number of commercial companies are developing businesses to mine the moon and asteroids.

In the meantime, the overall space strategy of the Trump presidency contemplates exploring the entire solar system by the year 2100. In effect, planning for the future of “The Expanse” has already begun.

Of course, the message of “The Expanse” is that human capabilities may expand and people may spread across the solar system, but humans are not going to change.

The same human foibles, greed, the lust for power, the yearning for freedom, the rage of murder and hurt enemies, and so on will still exist in a world where ships ply the interplanetary gulfs. The vision of the show may run contrary to the idea that space travel will improve the human condition. Which future is the correct one will not be well known for centuries, however,

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