Fans of the series might be left with two weeks before they can see the “Sweet/Vicious” characters in action again, but MTV and showrunner Jennifer Kaytin Robinson decided to give fans a little treat during the show’s holiday hiatus. The writer/producer answered fans questions from the official account of the show, and some of those answers included teases for what’s coming up next. If you missed out on the Q&A, I’ve got you covered.

‘Sweet/Vicious’ has five episodes left

For season one, “Sweet/Vicious” received a ten-episode order.

The first five episodes have already aired in 2016, and the second half of the season will debut in January 2017. There hasn’t been any word from MTV if the series will be renewed.

What’s happening in those next five episodes? Robinson gave fans emoji teasers to indicate the mood for each one:

Episode seven is probably going to catch the eyes of viewers hoping for teases as it’s the only emjoi that includes tears.

Robinson later elaborated that episode six will be the only episode for the remainder of the season that includes a survivor that isn’t Jules (Eliza Bennett). Episode seven will take audiences to the night of her encounter with Nate (Dylan McTee) via flashback, and the remaining episodes of the season will deal with the fallout.

For season two

If granted a season two, Robinson has plenty more ideas for what’s next on the show, and chief among those is telling more inclusive stories.

In the first batch of episodes, the trend exhibited by the show has been to have female survivors who have experienced sexual violence perpetrated by men, with the exception of episode four, “Tragic Kingdom,” where the show took on sorority hazing. Robinsons responded to a series of questions about the types of crimes and the types of people involved in them.

On Robinson’s list for season two are male survivors, female sexual predators, and characters involved in the show along the LGBTQ spectrum - both in the crimes and in the lives of the characters.

Robinson also revealed during the course of the Q&A that the show does already have one bisexual character in its roster as Ophelia (Taylor Dearden) identifies as such. Fans wouldn’t know though as so far, the audience has only seen her interested in men and her sexual interests haven’t been much of a topic of conversation just yet.

One more

As for a few more fun teases, one fan asked if Harris (Brandon Mychal Smith) would ever get to enjoy a cup of peanut butter frozen yogurt since he keeps missing out. Robinson, who actually dislikes peanut butter frozen yogurt joked, “legit never,” in response.

Catch “Sweet/Vicious” when it returns for the rest of season one on January 3 on MTV.

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