Jules and Ophelia find out that girls have been assaulted by a two-man team, one of whom is a driver for a car ride app. They decide to go undercover to do something about it.

The targets

Sweet/Vicious” goes a little high tech with an old scheme for this week’s story of assault. Jules and Ophelia initially think they’re just out to get the driver who picks up fares for a ride app, but as it turns out, he’s got a partner. A scheme that’s existed as long as date rape drugs have, one member of the duo drugs girls in a bar, while the other picks them up.

It just so happens that he can legitimately pick them up this time around with the ride share app.

Pop-up art show

Jules and Tyler are continuing to move super slow, only with what Jules is comfortable with. But she’s not the only one keeping secrets. Tyler gets confronted by one of his step-brother’s sexual assault survivors right before she surprises him with a pop-up show of his art. It’s no wonder he’s preoccupied and sensitive to criticism at the show.

Is a surprise pop-up show something that would really make an artist happy though?

What if pieces of their art are offered up to sale they aren’t comfortable with selling? Or for that matter, what if Jules had put an unfinished piece on display? It’s a sweet gesture, but I feel like it’s a misfire.

Evan is so fun

Who knew that Ophelia’s one night stand from the pilot would be such a fun character? Evan and Ophelia cross paths when she’s looking for her targets, but the two of them hang out a few times in this episode, and Evan might be just what Ophelia needs in her life.

Ophelia has a moment

Actually, Ophelia has a few moments. She gets a badass fight scene where she defends herself against both targets where it’s clear that she’s been putting in the effort when Jules takes the time to train her. She also gets to be vulnerable.

We don’t see a lot of Ophelia being vulnerable on the show. Even with her mom, she kept things mostly to herself. Instead, she gets angry. She tries to take that route after almost becoming the next victim, riding the adrenaline of fighting them off, but it doesn’t work because Jules knows better.

Instead, Ophelia finds herself crying in the middle of the night and seeking comfort from Evan. It’s a nice reminder that she isn’t just the sarcastic tough girl; she’s got feelings too.

Harris digs in

After a lot of conflicting information, Harris knows that both Ophelia and Jules have been lying about a few things. It looks like he’s on the right track to piece together just who the campus vigilantes are - but how long will it take him to confront Ophelia?

Nate is scum

When Jules is up in the middle of the night, Nate catches her off guard to have a talk about her and Kennedy’s friendship. It’s unsettling, not because Nate appears predatory or anything like that, but because Nate clearly has no idea what he did or what kind of effect he has on Jules.

We’ve seen what happened between them from Jules’ point of view, so we know that she said no, that she didn’t want to sleep with Nate, and we’ve seen how she’s been dealing with surviving that encounter. Nate doesn’t appear to have any concept of rape at all. He says that things have been awkward “since we cheated.” I'm curious to see if Nate ever learns or understands or feels guilty in the future.

Ophelia is seen

When Jules get stabbed in the leg when she and Ophelia take on their targets for the second time, Ophelia takes it upon herself to pursue the one that take off. The confrontation is then caught on camera.

I was not expecting that so soon in the series.

Looks like the duo is going to have a harder time dispensing justice.

The verdict

I love how much this episode pushes different storylines forward and peels back the layers of the characters.

4 out of 5 stars

What’s next

Sweet/Vicious” take a brief break, but it’ll be back on January 3 where the campus goes on lockdown as the vigilantes end up on camera.

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