If you were just starting to get comfortable with the vigilante lifestyle Jules and Ophelia have been living for three episodes, this “Sweet/Vicious” installment might have thrown you for a loop. Jules and Ophelia decided to change tactics this week for “Tragic Kingdom” -- at least at first.

Hell Week is taken to the extreme

The Kappas are that sorority. You know the one. The one with a reputation for mean girls in charge and taking things a step too far. Not only do they humiliate one of their legacies by making her strip on camera and degrading her for the entire internet to see, but they’re making a profit on the videos.

That’s enough to get Jules and Ophelia to target them, and it’s admirable that they want to make them pay, but they get a little more than they bargained for when Ophelia is locked in the basement with other pledges with the instructions to smoke cigars and finish kegs without being allowed to leave. (There’s also the fact that the Kappas are able to hold off Jules and Ophelia much better than any of the guys they’ve gone up against.)

I love that the show decided to pursue a different version of sexual assault for the audience.

Yes, guy-on-girl rape is more common on college campuses than it is in the rest of your everyday life, but the phrase “sexual assault” covers more than just rape. By delving into other versions of crime and seeing how Jules and Ophelia handle them, “Sweet/Vicious” will likely open up a dialogue amongst its audience that is so important.

Ophelia gets a little quality time with mom

We all anticipated that Ophelia and her mom were going to be polar opposites, right?

Did anyone anticipate that her mother would actually be on the side of one of her Ophelia’s vigilante targets though? Probably not. We didn’t get to know her mother too much this time around, and for the most part, Bobbi seems like the stereotypical rich woman you get in teen dramas. Time will tell if we get to see more depth from her.

Jules is not okay

This is probably an obvious point for anyone who saw the first three episodes, but it’s not obvious to Jules.

She thinks Pledge Week has brought her back to her old self, and she even doesn’t have her usual nightmares for a while, but her happiness doesn’t last as she starts to feel guilty about not telling Kennedy about her assault, and her nightmares return.

Her discomfort culminates when Kennedy wants her to go inside the Omega Theta house with her for their Pledge Week prank, and Jules physically cannot make herself go inside. She panics and lashes out at Kennedy for the immaturity of the prank, but in reality, the house is where Nate raped her and she hasn’t been back since.

As the audience, we really can’t blame Jules for her reaction, but Kennedy is (somehow) still in the dark about what’s really going on with Jules.

While this argument does serve to open Kennedy’s eyes to the fact that Jules isn’t the same, she still hasn’t been able to put the pieces together, which makes me wonder if Jules and Kennedy’s friendship will even survive the season, despite them desperately wanting to hold on to it.

Harris and Tyler could spell trouble for the vigilantes

The men in the girls’ lives both decide (separately) to open their own investigations. While Tyler just wants to track down his troublesome step-brother, Harris is on the trail of the vigilantes themselves, knowing that something has to be linking the different “robberies” on campus.

My money is on Harris figuring out the truth first and I’m curious to see how he’ll react. Will he be proud of Ophelia for doing something constructive? Or will he be even more worried about her because she’s breaking the law again?

The verdict

With us getting a peek at backstory, a whole new wrinkle in the vigilante system from Harris, and a new example of assault for Jules and Ophelia to avenge, this episode just might be my favorite. “Sweet/Vicious” does a great job of topping itself every week.

4 out of 5 stars.

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