Survivor” spoilers for season 33 episode 12 tonight say “Slayed the Survivor Dragon” will be a nail-biter as the "Millennials vs Gen X" season winds down. Two Tribal Councils send home two castaways, and narrows the playing field to six by the time the Wednesday, December 7 episode is done.

Brutal first immunity challenge

Adam on “Survivor” says he’s ready to make a big move to win this game. He has less of a target on his back since he gave Jay his advantage and didn’t steal a family visit. All eight castaways face the first immunity challenge that’s a brutal obstacle course with a balance component.

They must carry a stick with a stand and balance clay circles on it while maneuvering through obstacles. They cross balance beams with stacks of clay targets. David does well as the challenge kicks off. Once the clay circles are at the end they must roll through a thin gap to complete the challenge.

Who survives to play on?

Based on CBS promo photos, Ken and Adam survive the first Tribal Council but might not make it through the whole episode. Will, Jay and Bret are the probable candidates that face eviction and odds are it’s youngest player Will that jettisons off to Survivor Ponderosa.

“Survivor” spoiler photos show Ken playing in the second immunity challenge, but after that, all bets are off unless he wins immunity.

Ken betrayed Will from “Survivor” and his alliance by confronting the other side about bringing up his name and blew up an awesome blindside plan, so he’s got it coming.

Adam's 'Survivor' fears

The “Survivor” Millennials have plenty of angst already, but Adam has particular stress over his mom.

Last week, Adam learned his mom had to stop cancer treatments in a family visit with brother Evan and now we know his mom Susie lost her struggle with cancer two days after the final Tribal Council.

We’ll surely hear more about Adam’s mom at the finale, and Adam’s cancer advocacy efforts including the #LiveLikeSusie campaign to raise awareness.

His mom’s cancer was discovered just nine months before she died and she suffered with an aggressive lung cancer diagnosed at Stage IV.

'Survivor' finale 2016 date

Fans have been asking. “When is the ‘Survivor’ finale?” and after this episode, there are just two left in season 33 and both will play out on Wednesday, December 14. A week from today will be the “Survivor” finale, season 33 episode 13, “I’m Going for a Million Bucks."

The finale is a jam-packed two-hour episode from 8-10 pm Eastern followed by the “Survivor Reunion Special at 10 pm on Wednesday, December 14.

“Survivor” airs Wednesday on CBS at 8 pm Eastern.

“Survivor” Ponderosa Zeke video:

"Survivor" sneak peek first immunity challenge:

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