"Survivor" host Jeff Probst grabbed the audience's attention with what's ahead on the final night of the season. During a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, he said, "It's one of our best with a huge story turn -- it has great competition and emotions run high." David and Adam are intelligent but socially awkward. Fans expected these two underdogs to lose right from the start, but it turns out that both of them have the most support from the other players. It looks like David or Adam are destined to win big money and the title of sole survivor. The two-hour "Survivor" finale, "I'm Going for a Million Bucks," airs Wednesday, December 14 at 8 p.m.

David from Gen X has an advantage in the game

On Wednesday's sneak peek clip, we saw David laboring on a fake Idol. As well as he and Ken working together with access to that mysterious legacy advantage. David is not really a villain that talks about awful, shocking things -- he's likable and playing the game with class. David is a little anxious, but he has been able to control his freak-outs as the game goes on. Another thing in his favor is that people are not taking his strategy personally and the jury respects his game.

Adam has played a strategic game

What's really interesting about Adam is that he's done some backstabbing, yet there hasn't been any bad blood from the people he blindsided.

At one point in the game, he and Jay were on the hammock, and Adam told Jay right out in the open how he was going to make him use his idol, and then they immediately bonded over their mothers. Adam has also been flipping around all over the place without upsetting everyone. His best strategy has been not to make the game personal with others.

Three players from each of the two original tribes are still in the "Survivor" game -- David from the older Gen-X alliance and Adam from the younger Millennials group are the ones who stand out. There's just one episode left of 2016 season, and the fans are ready to see the three-hour finale!

"Survivor" airs Wednesday night on CBS.

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