Supernatural” tonight is back and here are your season 12 episode 7 spoilers for “Rock Never Dies." Not only is rock and roll alive and well, but so is Lucifer and that gives the brothers Winchester pause. They have to shut down the devil before he does more bad things.

Words with parents

Its been a couple of weeks since we’ve seen the Winchesters and before Dean and Sam go all bad-ass on Lucifer, Sam is playing bookworm and researching the British Men of Letters that don’t like them much. Sam finds Dean playing on his phone and is irritated that his big brother is goofing off.

Sam chastises Dean who says he’s playing Words with Friends with their mom. Sam is floored since Mary is not tech-savvy at all as of the last time they saw her. Remember she asked if they could “call the internet?” But Mary trounces Dean because a good vocabulary beats smart phone knowledge every time.

Rock and roll will kill

Lucifer is enjoying being a “rock God” now that he’s stolen Vince Vincente’s body. It seems that Rowena’s spell to send him to places unknown didn’t pan out. Castiel is with Crowley as they continue their angel/king of hell bromance and they call to alert the brothers.

They’ve found Vince but they aren’t totally sure that it’s Lucifer or just the rocker being a weirdo. Of course it is Lucifer and that means trouble. He has figured out that he can get his fans to do his bidding and so he decides to host a private VIP concert that sets the stage (literally) for mass slaughter.

The devil made him do it

Sam, Dean and Cass have to race to stop the devil before he wipes out a bunch of humans with his wicked rock and roll vibes and when they guys show up to the concert, they wonder if Satan can carry a tune.

When the devil went down to Georgia, he played a fiddle, this time he’s using just his pipes to entrance some unwilling humans to their doom. In other news, “Supernatural” spoilers say that Mary Winchester may not be long for this world and will take the reaper’s offer to head North by season’s end.

“Supernatural” tonight is on The CW at 9 pm EST.

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