A big lover of sci-fi, Lobo has now joined the "Supernatural" fandom with his roles starting in next week’s episode revolving around the White House and Lucifer. The popular actor had plenty to say about his experience on the set of the hit CW series. Out of Toronto, actor Stephen Lobo is known for his roles on hit shows such as "Artic Air," "Continuum," and "Motive," and can be seen in the new series "Beyond." 

Colleen Bement: What can you say about your experience on the set?

Stephen Lobo: My experience has been great.

The whole production is this well-oiled machine. The writing, the actors, the crew, all have the energy and vitality of a show in it’s prime. It's a family, and watching Jensen and Jared do their thing was really exciting. They bring the magic. These are two seriously smart, talented, completely professional guys who are having a blast doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing. They have a tremendous amount of respect for everyone else’s job and are totally on top of their own. 

The atmosphere of any set is largely defined by the stars.

I’ve been on a few procedurals where the lead actors, although really lovely people, have the air of someone trapped in some sort of self-inflicted "Groundhog Day" scenario. Coming on to guest on a show in its 12th season, who knows what state these guys might be in, but there wasn’t a whiff of that with these two gents.

Jensen and Jared off camera fun

CB: My Twitter followers want to know if there were any shenanigans on the set.

SL: It can be stated that Jensen and Jared are on a constant search of finding new ways to crack each other up. It was very endearing to watch. Basically if they were on set it would go like this: Shenanigans. Shenanigans. Shenanigans. Roll camera. Flawless bit of acting badass-ery from Jensen and Jared. Blooper reel material. Cut. Resume shenanigans. 

The crew was also very capable in this department.

We were on an exterior night shoot in the woods; it was like 3AM and everyone's exhausted. They had two cameras on me. One camera was bent over shooting up at me. The second assumed his position standing directly behind him. It made for very suggestive imagery. I had no dialogue so they weren’t recording sound. The director calls action and these two start grunting like barnyard animals in heat. I was crying with laughter. Later I said to one of the AD’s, did you see what they did to me? She said, oh yeah they do that all the time. 

Will play role in new series "Beyond"

CB: What can you share about your role in that new series "Beyond?"

SL: I think it would be safe to say my character helps fill in some of blanks and flesh out some of the backstory for some of the characters.

The role was a bit of an off-the-wall type with perhaps an element of PTSD which I’ve never really played before so that was fun. I got to work with Nick Copus again who I’d worked with a number of years ago. I also had the pleasure of working with the adorable and talented Dilan Gwyn.

CB: I saw one of your tweets that said being at work was like a bit of a vacation.

SL: I have a six and three year old.That tweet you’re talking about I actually sent from my trailer on "Supernatural." My wife, who’s also an actor, had just gotten back from being on location for five weeks. I’d been alone with the kids for that time, juggling auditions, and work.

My gig on "Supernatural" felt like the equivalent of say another person’s time on a secluded beach. Every day I would come in like an hour before my call time. Lee, the 3rd AD, would say "Thanks for always coming in early." And I would be like, "No. Thank You." 

Lobo is a big sci-fi fan

CB: You have been on some fabulous sci-fi shows. Are you into sci-fi?

SL: I love me some sci-fi. I’m generally into films more than TV. Growing up I really liked all that early James Cameron stuff; "Aliens," "The Abyss," and "The Terminator." I love the escapism. I love the imagination. In terms of TV I really dig what "Black Mirror" is doing with the genre.

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