After 22 years in the biz, Chisum has a successful filmography including roles in hit shows such as "American Horror Story," "Timeless," "NCIS," "Castle." He also played Miles Laurence in "One Life to Live." Born in Livonia, MI, Chisum is also known for "Flight of the Living Dead," and "Dark Mirror." Check out what he has to share.

'Supernatural' mid-season finale

Colleen Bement: You are in this week’s "Supernatural" mid-season finale episode called "Lotus." What are you allowed to share about your experience?

David Chisum: "Supernatural" was a blast to film. After 12 seasons it was clear they have a good thing going. Every department from hair and make, electrical, grips, everyone was considerate and professional. What struck me was the way people spoke of the two leads. Nearly every time Jared and/or Jenson were mentioned it was with joy and respect referring to them as "the boys". They are clearly not boys, but I knew right away there was affection for them. You can't go 12 seasons without establishing some camaraderie, but this was a very healthy work environment.

It helps that Jared and Jenson are such good friends with a lot of interests in common.

The character I play on "Supernatural" was incredibly fun to develop. I won't give specifics, but after you see it you will understand why. Very challenging and offered infinite possibilities. One of the most enjoyable experiences in my 22 year career. I am excited to see the final product and that is saying something because it is normally very painful to watch myself.

I think I am going to like this one. I was constantly laughing to myself while filming. Extremely fun to shoot!

Chisum had role in "Timeless"

CB: What was that experience like on the set of "Timeless?"

DC: "Timeless" was shot in Vancouver Canada as well and I love that city! Timeless is a huge production with hundreds of people involved in the process. The Alamo episode was their fourth so they were still feeling things out a bit.

Lots of talented storytellers on the writing staff and actors were all very skilled. Guest cast was also highly regarded so it went smoothly. Playing a historical character is always a challenge and interesting to play. Of course plenty of research to dive into. Also cool because I have extended family throughout Texas and Oklahoma. They take their Texas history seriously!

"AHS" was most difficult role  

CB: You were in an episode of "American Horror Story- Asylum." Tell your fans all about it.

DC: "AHS" was the most difficult role I have played for several reasons. First of all Jessica Lange is one of the most talented actresses of our time!

The performances she gave were amazing in their detail and range. She was offering so many choices for the editor I just was in awe. She always was present for my work sometimes hanging off the end of the camera dolly so the eye line was right. A bonfire star with a deep respect for the craft.

Secondly I received the script the night before and was asked to prepare a Bostonian accent which is the most difficult and scrutinized American accent. I stayed up until 2:00 am preparing 12 pages of heavy dialogue for the next morning's 6:00 call time. All scenes that day were with Jessica. Never have I been more nervous.

When I arrived for the shoot I spoke with the director and producers about my concerns regarding the accent, and they casually said "he can be from anywhere; doesn't have to be from Boston." Huh? Funny now! That episode was the episode submitted for the eventual Emmy for best drama.

CB: What countries are on your must-see bucket list?

DC: I have been all over the US; probably 45 of our states and they are beautiful. Loved to travel our country with my family. Unfortunately I am not a world traveler. Someday. My wife and I had our honeymoon in Tahiti which as you can imagine was epic. Argentina and Costa Rica were also amazing.

The dream trip has always been Italy, French Riviera, Greece and the Greek islands.

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