On Tuesday 60-year-old Carrie Fisher passed away. She was traveling on a transatlantic flight last Friday when she had a heart attack. Once they landed, she was hospitalized but did not recover.

Social Media is the norm

As this is the day of social media, many Hollywood A-listers and fans took to the internet to pay tribute to the famous actress who played Princess Leia in "Star Wars." Among the many tweets was comedian Steve Martin. His tweet talked about how beautiful he thought she was when they were younger and she was "witty and bright" as well. While the two were friends and obviously he would have an idea of what would be insulting to the late Carrie Fisher, the attacks began.

Some felt that his remark was sexist. Others felt it was degrading to mention her beauty rather than her accomplishments. His supporters rallied behind him but the slams kept coming. Even the NY Magazine tweeted that Steve Martin's tribute was bad.

Steve Martin shamed by many

A few hours passed with both sides going back and forth and Steve Martin finally deleted the tweet. Instead of putting an end to it, that started more controversy. Some thought it was like saying it never happened, as if he were ashamed. Again, his supporters were on the other side saying he was trying to end the drama that had ensued over a simple tribute to a friend.

As previously stated, Martin and Fisher personally knew each other.

It is unclear how close the two were or weren't, but they spent time around each other throughout their careers. This would give the comedian the chance to know her better than her fans, who were slamming him. Who were they to start berating a personal friend of the deceased instead of allowing Steve Martin the practice of free speech like the rest of the country?

Carrie Fisher was a wonderful actress with a long career. She starred in many films and was known for how intelligent and fun she was with everyone she came in contact with. People seem to be expressing their grief in different ways, only, in this case, backlash ensued.

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